October 12, 2008 – MORE

October 12, 2008

It is still Sunday, but I am writing again.  I went out this afternoon to walk over to the nearby market area to get myself a SIM card with a local number, but the place was closed on Sunday.  So I walked for 5 more minutes up to a main junction where there was a shopping mall.  I didn’t have my camera  with me, but even if I did, there would be nothing special to see .  It was like any other mall, anywhere else in the world. Only the brandnames on the shops indicated that they were in India and not Israel, or American, or London.  The same type of consumer goods were offered, as well as a food court which included local coffee shops and food chains, but also Pizza Hut, Subway, etc.  And of course a movie theater with all the latest international films and the smell of popcorn wafting out into the mall itself. ( I am adding this the following day….I just came back from a MEGAMALL here and so everything I’ve written here pales by comparison. I will write more later)


I found a mobile phone shop and was able to get a local number card so am now set here in Delhi.  When I get to Rishikesh I will have to go through the same process again to get a local number there.  Including copies of my passport and visa, local address, photo and of course the purchase of the validity time for the card.  Cell phones are a good business all over the world it would seem.


I then roamed the Mall, and to my dismay

found that brand names I am used to buying, particularly clothing, have raised their prices and are no longer really as easy and inexpensive to purchase as they were in the past.  I will only buy something which REALLY appeals to me.  The styles also now include very western forms of dress, including the same ¾ or 7/8 pants so popular these days, halter tops, low cut jeans, etc., etc.    These are now available even in the Indian traditional clothing shops.   And name brands such as Nike are just as expensive as every where else in the world.  I will keep my shopping to local shops when I get to Rishikesh it seems, but actually don’t need much of anything to begin with.


Tomorrow I will head off to one of the main shopping areas in Noida, and see what it has to offer.  And will take another day to go off to Khan market as well.  May even head off to Paharganj for a walk around one day as well.  Shweta is very busy working and won’t have much time to take me around, so I will do what I feel like on my own, and hopefully she will have time to show me some other things as well.  If not, I really don’t care.  Am using this time for rest and relaxation which I need, and if I find it too boring, will head up to Rishikesh sooner than I had planned.  Hopefully next week I will be off to amristar for one day to see the Golden Temple and then the following week is Diwali.  That should take up enough of my time before I head off to Varasnassi with Dyanne the beginning of November.


That’s it for now.





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