When I got home and told Suman, shweta’s mother, the story of the rickshaw driver taking me completely in the wrong direction, the first question I was asked was “how much did he charge you?”  But I finished the story, and was asked afterwards to tell it over and over again to everyone who came into the house that day.  Apparently she was extremely proud of me and everyone loved the end of the story, which was this:


When he finally got me home, I knew I originally would have paid 20 rupees, but felt a little guilty about his working so hard.  On the other hand, I tried to tell him a couple of times that we were not going in the right direction, and he didn’t pay attention, or chose not to pay attention…I don’t know, and the mistake was his.  So I did some thinking and when I got out of the rickshaw, I handed him 25 rupees, turned my back and walked away.  End of story.  When I told this to Suman, and then to all the others, the got big grins on their faces saying this was the perfect thing to do, but how did I know that?!?  I am a tourist, and tourists always get ripped off!!  Apparently if I had asked him how much, he would have asked for 100 rupees!!!   So, I am no newcomer to India and feel very pleased with myself.  And each time someone else came around, Suman had me retell the story, and as if a pet of hers had played dead or something at her command, she seemed to be patting me on the head as she “showed off” her clever foreign houseguest to other people!


It’s been another interesting day to say the least….

I’ve had another adventure…Paharganj…will tell it tomorrow I imagine…






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