October 21, 2008 – MOVING DAY

I still have one last story from Delhi to catch up on, but will begin my writing about my days in Rishikesh and get to the other things at some later date.

Today I moved over into my “own” room, just next door, but there is a different feel to the room. I’ve rearranged the beds a couple of different ways and will decide how I best like the “feel” after a few days. I am still waiting for Amir to bring me a table for the room and then I will get everything finally set up. I did something which I’ve never done before in this room. Had an idea the other day while I was in the market in Rishikesh getting some stuff I needed. I never know what to do with my hanging clothes. I usually hang them from a string across a corner of the room, but don’t like the way that looks. I got this idea to use theback of the door, which is empty and does not interfere with the “look” of the room. I found hooks that stick on with adhesive (everything I bought in the market here…the hooks, the cleaning materials, the heating coil for heating hot water, an extension cord…are all MADE IN CHINA! It is really funny. Coming to India and buying all this really cheap stuff from China, same as I do in our local cheap shop in Israel. Anyway, I put up the hooks on the back of the door, and to my great pleasure, and surprise, they nicely hold several pieces of clothing on a couple of hangers each, without falling off. And everything looks so neat. I just made a final adjustment here and hung a longee over the back of the door so now you don’t even see the clothes hanging there, and it will also keep the dust off them. (See Picture below).

The "closet" behind the door

The "closet" behind the door

I will get the final touches on the room today or tomorrow and then take pics. I have unpacked only the clothing for this season, and when there is a need to change over to real winter stuff, I will rearrange things.

The weather is such now that I wear summer stuff during the day, but morning, until about 10 is really chilly and from about 6 in the evening, I need real winter clothing. Long sleeve shirt, jeans and a zip up sweatshirt to feel warm outdoors. I hope it stays just like this for awhile because it simply couldn’t be more perfect.

I’ve been treating myself to good food and snacks since I arrived since beginning Thursday, I will be eating mostly kitcheri for the next month while doing Panchakarma. I like kicheri very much but it does begin to get tiresome after so long of nothing else.

I feel like I am vacationing right now and it is a lovely feeling. I have met more people than I normally do, all very interesting, but all seemed to have found their way to me (or me to them) for a specific reason…each one of the people who I spoke with needed something very specific in the way of information, or advice, or guidance, and they seem to have been sent to me for that purpose. I won’t go into details about any of them as it is not relevant. The only thing that is important here is the fact that my daily prayers, in which I ask that all those who are in need of my special services be guided to me, no matter where I may be, are being answered. It is a very good feeling to pretty much do nothing but talk with people, and find out that you have given them something they have been searching for for a long time. One young Indian, the guy in the room before I moved over, went so far as to perform a ritual of respect which Indians use for elders, teachers, priests and others whom they wish to show great respect to…it involves a gesture of bending down in a way they represents kissing the feet of the person, and then their own heart area…I was so touched by this gesture to be brought to tears. This after I just spoke to him for awhile about his future and his changing his course in life despite the difficulties involved. He has been traveling throughout India for a full year looking for answers and this was his last week before going back to his life in Delhi…and he said that he was finally given the answers and confirmations he has been asking for the entire year. The Universe DOES work in strange, mysterious but beautiful ways.

I feel deep peace while sitting here and writing. It is dusk, another day is drawing to a close, and my sense of total wellbeing is returning. I have no specific plans for the next period of time other than caring for myself. Perhaps I will make it down to the Ganga to bathe while the weather is still warm during the day. A couple of friends will be arriving in about 10 days, and hopefully I will go exploring with them when they come…I specifically want to go walking to what is supposed to be a beautiful waterfall up in the mountains. I’ve been told it is a 2 km walk along the Ganga and then about 1 km up. Sounds reasonable to me but was advised not to go alone, so will wait for my friends.

Haven’t been down to Laxsman Jula or Ram Jhula, but think tomorrow I will take my walk around. Now that I am in “my” room and have done most of my marketing to get it set up, I am a free agent.

So I will end today….




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