October 23, 2008 – PANCHAKARMA BEGINS

October 23, 2008 – PANCHAKARMA BEGINS


I decided to begin panchakarma immediately as it lasts for 4 weeks and I prefer doing it before the weather gets cold.  It is simply easier not to have to be bundled up in layer sof clothing and then lay naked in a cold room as Idid last time.  It is also better not to do it in the winter, and Dr. Arora would not do it much later and I didn’t want to wait until February.  I am pleased that I began today and will be done before the end of November.  He has written out a daily program for me and if there is anything interesting to write about, I will, but will keep the coming posts general…more for my own reference than anything else.


Today I had a full checkup and according to Dr. Arora, I am generally in much better shape than I was last time he saw me.  This is true.  As a matter of fact, this is the very first time I have come to India (or returned home for that matter), without finding myself ill.  My general health has been good the past number of months despite changes in weather, moving to a new flat, working, hectic times with family etc.  And several weeks before leaving, I asked Verma, my Indian doctor in Israel, to prescribe something to keep me from getting sick from the pollution during my stay in Delhi.  He gave me something to take prior to leaving which seems to have

done a wonderful job of strengthening my immune system and keeping my energies up, as I spent a week in Delhi, and didn’t even get a sniffle.  I have had no arthritis pains whatsoever for months as well and my lower back, which was bothering me for awhile, cleared up completely before I left home and despite the flight, the sleeping in different beds, the traveling along bumpy roads (an understatement) etc., I feel really good.  So Dr. Arora’s assessment was a true one.


Said my skin was good (meaning not dry as it usually is….due I imagine to my daily oil massage which I give myself on a regular basis), my tongue is clean, which it didn’t used to be in the past, my pulse is weak but with good rhythm.  My vatta is very unbalanced but this is expected with two weeks of traveling and not eating properly.  What he found strange was that pitta on my left pulse was very weak, and on my right pulse, strong.  But he said not to worry…everything will be balanced out during the panchakarma.  


I weighed in at 52.5 kg.  I knew I gained weight since I arrived here.  He says I should ideally weigh 56…which is when my face looks best and others parts of me, but I feel heavy around the middle.  Says I should have this weight around the middle.  It is good for me at my age. 


My food for the next while, until he changes it again , will be:


Breakfast:  porridge or fruit and hot ginger

Lunch:       kicheri

Dinner:      3 chapati and boiled veggies or vegetable soup.  No potato, cabbage, cauliflower etc.


I am to eat as much ghee as possible during the day, which I do anyway.


I can have fruit and nuts during the day when I am hungry, and warm milk before bedtime. 


So for now, I am set.


First massage today and it was a surprise.  One of the girls, Devi, began my massage.  I had requested that his wife Manju do the massages but she is caring for her invalid mother these days.  She had given me a series of massages in the past and was excellent.  Very professional, but also very loving touch.  Well, Devi began, and she was good.  At some point I drifted off and then I felt someone stroking my forehead.  Opened my eyes and Manju was there, with a big smile, saying hello.  I was really happy to see her and asked if she would be doing some of my massages and she said she would try.  And then she put on an apron and joined devi for the rest of my massage.  For at least ½ of the massage I had two people working on me, and then she finished up herself on m back.  It was just pefect.  I did not shower, but then came down and had to eat some ghee and some special tea, and was then finished for the day.  Tomorrow I have a massage and sidhara, which is the forehead oil drip. 


I had my lunch of kicheri, (which I will now be getting there each day), and came back to my room, showered, and fell into a deep sleep for 2 hours!!  I woke up very hungry, had a fruit salad, and here I am, looking forward to my boiled veggies an chapatti this evening.


I imagine I will not be doing much of anything interesting for the next month however, so there won’t be too much to write about.  Will take each day as it comes and just get through this month of taking care of myself.  Then, I will be able to think of going back to work…not before then.


More tomorrow


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