October 24, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 2

October 24, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 2


I slept soundly last night after a dinner of steamed veggies and 3 chapatis (fairly boring as I am not allowed potatoes, cauliflower or cabbage, so all that was left was carrots and string beans!).  But is was satisfying with the chapattis and lots ghee and didn’t feel hungry when I went to sleep.  Watch and episode of “House” and fell to sleep early.  I felt a mild headache beginning but thought perhaps I didn’t drink enough, so drank more water and went to sleep.  I awoke at 3 AM…that’s when I saw the lovely moon in the pics I posted, as I was cold and needed to close a window.  Slept through till morning, woke with a headache still, did my meditation/yoga/pranayama, and went down for breakfast of porridge with my regular soaked raisins, prunes and almonds added.  Spoke to an interesting guy named Shevach and eventually found my way down to the clinic. 

Dr. Arora asked how I felt, and told him about my headache but also how extremely exhausted I was yesterday when getting home and he instructed Devi to

give me a light massage today, especially the joints.  Perhaps it was too much for me yesterday.  I always react strongly to any forms of treatment, whether conventional drugs or alternative treatments, so perhaps this was the reason for my tiredness.  The massage was lovely again, and Manju joined in again about half way through when she arrived (Tomorrow they asked me to come at 11 instead of 10:30 so she can do the whole massage).  Following the massage I had my first Sidohara which is the treatment where oil is dripped on your forehead. It is good for three things basically (and others as well), insomnia – which I don’t have, memory, which I also don’t have!!, and for proper functioning of bone marrow which is very important as we get older.   It is supposed to be relaxing, but for me it was not.  First of all my head was really bothering me, I had to lay still for 45 minutes which is VERY difficult for me (my Vatta as the doctor laughed afterwards when I complained).  But when it was over I was offered a hot “bath” (a bucket of water) , handed a towel and shampoo to get all the oil out of my hair.  It was actually pleasant and the shampoo left my hair looking the best it’s looked in months! 


Then was given my ghee and herbal tea, and finally my kicheri for lunch.  It was really delicious and the portion was more than adequate.  Tomorrow begins again with an oil massage and then another kind of treatment which is supposed to be good for spine and nervous system and particularly good for joints.


I spent the rest of today relaxing, as my head is really annoying.  Dr. Arora says it is normal and will take a few days (!), and I am thinking that it is a result of my having gotten used to coffee and chai over the last 6 months and it is a symptom of caffeine withdrawal.  Whatever.  There is nothing I can do about it now but get past it.


That’s about it for today.  Nothing much will be happening over the next month I imagine, but you never know.  I have begun doing Chi Kung again.  I did it for about 8 months about 4 years ago and enjoyed it very much but had to stop for certain reasons.  So I thought this would be a good time to get back to it and it fits in with my afternoon schedule, after my fruit and nuts, after my nap. 


That’s it for today….





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