October 27, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 5 – VOMITTING!

October 29, 2008

October 27, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 5 – VOMITTING!




I am writing this 2 days after it happened as the last two days have been extremely busy and beautiful and I’m not sure I will remember everything but will give you some idea what has been going on.


To finish up yesterday’s day, After I had already posted yesterday’s entry, I went up to see Shevach and found him with another nice girl from Israel, and they had just gotten back from a ride up to Mussorie.  They said the town was nice and the trip was lovely of course…I was jealous that I couldn’t have gone with him, but of course I was not available in the morning when he went.  As we were talking two other lovely girls who were traveling together for 1 month also joined us, and then, Nandu, the owner of the Swiss Cottage who is very friendly with Shevach, came up to visit since he had invited Shevach downstairs but he didn’t go, so he came up and brought a bottle of whiskey with him. We began talking and he asked what my plans were.  I told him I was doing a month of Panchakarma now and he asked if we could beging working together at the spa afterwards, and I gladly accepted the offer.  I had already offered Shevach a Reiki treatment and Nandu told him I was really good and he should accept my offer. (which he did in the end)

The guys then began talking and in the end, the evening’s activity consisted of Nandu summoning his barber to come up to the room’s terrace where we were sitting to give Shevach a shave and haircut before he went home.  In the end he shaved Read the rest of this entry »

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