October 27, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 5 – VOMITTING!

October 27, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 5 – VOMITTING!




I am writing this 2 days after it happened as the last two days have been extremely busy and beautiful and I’m not sure I will remember everything but will give you some idea what has been going on.


To finish up yesterday’s day, After I had already posted yesterday’s entry, I went up to see Shevach and found him with another nice girl from Israel, and they had just gotten back from a ride up to Mussorie.  They said the town was nice and the trip was lovely of course…I was jealous that I couldn’t have gone with him, but of course I was not available in the morning when he went.  As we were talking two other lovely girls who were traveling together for 1 month also joined us, and then, Nandu, the owner of the Swiss Cottage who is very friendly with Shevach, came up to visit since he had invited Shevach downstairs but he didn’t go, so he came up and brought a bottle of whiskey with him. We began talking and he asked what my plans were.  I told him I was doing a month of Panchakarma now and he asked if we could beging working together at the spa afterwards, and I gladly accepted the offer.  I had already offered Shevach a Reiki treatment and Nandu told him I was really good and he should accept my offer. (which he did in the end)

The guys then began talking and in the end, the evening’s activity consisted of Nandu summoning his barber to come up to the room’s terrace where we were sitting to give Shevach a shave and haircut before he went home.  In the end he shaved


his head as well and the guy looked ten years younger.  Then another nice guy from Guatemala , also a close friend of Nandu’s came up and also got shaved.  They both had lovely facials and head massages as well and the girls were saying how they wished they could have one as well.  Well, without blinking, Nandu said why not?  And each of the girls went and had a lovely facial and head massage as well.  All of this was free, as Nandu’s gift.  We took pictures, and videos and had a good laugh…and of course everyone was drinking which made the laughter a little louder than it would normally would be.  I ordered my dinner up there in the meantime, and we all had a really fun evening.  As I had promised Shevach a Reiki session in thanks for the ride he gave me, and the girls also asked me some questions.  In the end they were also invited for counseling and a Tarot session.  It was really really late by the time I got up to the room, but I couldn’t fall asleep, so watched a couple of episodes of House, did some reading, and finally, near midnight, fell asleep.  It was a perfect day.


And Now:  October 27- day 5 of Panchakarma – Vomitting – or “womitting” as it is called here.  This was the day I was really dreading even though Dr. Arora said it was really a very simple procedure.  The one thing I have never been able to suffer was throwing up…luckily only one of my kids ever did it, and it was the only thing I could not deal with while my kids were growing up.  I’d simply run the other way.  I myself never throw up…probably a subconscious holding back of something my body needs to get rid of…and if I ever am near the smell of vomit I get truly ill.  So I was imagine a most traumatic day waiting for me, despite the doctor’s assurances.


Well, I arrived on an empty stomach at 9:30 in the morning.  Lakshmi took me into the next room and asked me to sit on a stool facing the toilet.  And then she came in with a large jug containing a liquid, poured some into an enormous metal cup, about the size of 2 regular glasses, and told me to drink it, quickly.  I asked what was in it and she said just salt and honey.  I took a quick taste and at least it didn’t taste vile.  Just salty with a hint of sweet and so wasn’t difficult to drink.  Just the quantity was difficult as I had to drink 3 of those large glasses which was close to 6 regular cups, all at once, quickly, without stopping.  That in itself is enough to make you want to throw up.


Then she simply started massaging both my stomach and the back of my neck and told me to put two fingers down my throat and press my tongue…in other words, make yourself throw up.  And then dr. came in to check up on me as well.  What in effect happened, was that whatever went in, came right back out…like a flushing out…no smell whatsoever…just plain clear water.  The salt makes it like saline solution so it doesn’t burn the throat lining when coming back up.  And it was so simple, I didn’t understand what it could possibly have done.  But while I was vomiting, my nose started running and eyes started tearing, and thought it was just from the vomiting.  After they decided enough had come out, I was asked to lie down and Lackshmi gave me a light massage, through my clothes, over my whole body and told me to rest for 5 minutes.  The doc came back in and explained that the part of the body from the Hara (navel area) up to the top of the head, is ruled by Kapha dosha and this, as I know, is the dosha which deals with mucous.  And THIS is what the vomiting is meant to do.  Release all extraneous fluids and  mucous from the body, which is why my nose was running and my eyes were tearing.  The doc said my nose would probably run for the next few days if I had excess mucous (it didn’t run at all after that first time) and my eyes would tear (they still are tearing and it is not 36 hours or so later).  He said it is good to do this procedure even at home, even once a month to keep the body cleared.  And particularly good to do as the flowers begin to bud at the beginning of spring to clear the mucous from the body before the pollen starts to blow around…thus preventing allergies!…  Makes sense.


Then I had my ghee, herbal tea and kitcheri and was back at the Swiss cottage by around 11 in the morning, where Nandu was treating the whole “group” to a breakfast of kicheri.  This happened because the evening before I was telling them about kitcheri and that it is a staple food during Panchakarma but also very good for digestion in general and good for weakened states of health, like flu or surgery etc.  So he said his cook would make them all kicheri the next morning.  Which is where I found them all.  Once breakfast was over, my work day began.  And it was one of the nicest days I’ve had in a long time.  I so love what I do!    First Shevach had a beautiful and powerful Reiki session, and then two of the girls came for their sessions.  In effect, I worked from about 12 until 6 straight through…and it was beautiful.     


I was full of energy and after dinner, came back to read, play for awhile on the computer, and later in the evening had another nice visitor, and all I can say is God has lovely ways of taking care of ALL my needs. 


Today was another lovely day, including another motorbike ride with Shevach and Victor also this time, a much longer one, and I will write about that in the next post.


This lovely group of people are all leaving tomorrow early morning, but I know new friends will come along.  My friend Dyanne will be arriving in two days and after that Einat…As always, my social life in India is much fuller than the one I have at home in Israel!!






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