October 30-31, 2008 – Panchakarma Day 7-8 – Just a Lazy Day and MORE IMPRESSIONS

October 30-31, 2008 – Panchakarma Day 7-8 – Just a Lazy Day

Yesterday was a quiet day compared to the few days which have just past, and I guess it was needed. I had my treatment, massage and sirodhara (oil on forehead) which I very much enjoyed this time, contrary to the first time. The doc gave me some tips about how to get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the treatment. Went to the internet as usual and then thought to go straight home to rest, but at the last minute jumped on a rickshaw and went to visit my friend Vivek who I hadn’t seen yet since I arrived. We had a pleasant visit, him showing me his new laptop (and lots and lots of family pictures) and his new digital camera with great pride. His family life is back in order and he looks happy and content. I stayed for awhile and then really felt tired. Went back home, had some fruit salad, and then rested the rest of the afternoon and evening. Reading, writing , playing games and finally, before going to sleep, watched a movie for the first time since last week. I watched “Ocean’s 13” which was pretty stupid but fun to watch and that’s all I needed. Slept well and I am now on my way down to today’s treatments but had a few minutes. I will not send this off today, but will combine it with today’s events in one post tomorrow.

OK…it’s later today but I will fill in the day up until now as it was an interesting one, impression-wise. If you remember,

I told you the story of Devi, the massage girl and her 5 sisters and parents who don’t work. Well, today for the first time I spoke to the second girl (by the way, I am massaged by both of them each day – don’t know why – as everyone else has just one massage therapist. But I am not asking as it is lovely!). Anyway, her name is Lakshmi, who is the goddess of prosperity. She is, like Devi (which means goddess in general), always smiling, although there seems to be a deep sadness in her eyes if you manage to look closely enough. I spoke to her for the first time today and just asked the regular questions. She is married, has two kids, son aged 9 and daughter aged 6 and she lives in Laksman Jhula. Asked about her husband and she waved her hand as if to say “don’t ask”…but then told me that she is separated from him as he uses drugs and she has to take care (worry about) her children’s safety..and her own I would imagine. But she was disturbed when she spoke about this and I apologized for asking too many questions. She simply smiled and said that it was OK…doesn’t matter. Later, downstairs, we were sitting and talking, also the young Israeli guy Gilad was there (Devi is infatuated with him…it is really cute)..and at one point Devi and Lakshmi were talking to each other and laughing and he said “Why you girls always laughing and happy?”. And they replied that of course they laugh and are happy. Life is good. No reason to be tense…just enjoy each day. And this pretty much the difference between Westerners outlook on what indicates a “good life” and Indians. They have an enormous power to accept whatever God sends their way, move forward, and bless each day, no matter how difficult their life may seem from the outside.

I also had another interesting discussion with Dr. Arora before my treatment today. He also has amazing insights into gratitude, blessings, being taken care of by God, not worrying, taking things as they come with thanks, and appreciating and valuing everything we’ve been give. Including being born as a healthy human being, being born into the right family, living in a perfect city for spiritual development and growth and the blessing of being able to help others live a better life. He volunteers two days a week a local hospital for the poor as well, after his regular clinic hours. Leaves his clinic at 1 and gets back for afternoon patients by 4. I wish everyone of you could feel the true harmony and tranquility this man feels in his life. Seeing him with his patients, or his wife, or his workers… he is gracious and loving to all of them making no difference between old and young, rich and poor, local or tourist, upper or lower class etc., He is genuine.

had my treatment today which was massage of course, but because I’ve been complaining about my eyes, they were treated today using medicated ghee. A raised ring of what seemed like modeling clay was formed around my eye to form a small bowl that the ghee could be poured into and rest over my eye. He said my eyes will be fine now and I will know for sure when I wake up in the morning, if there is no secretion around them as there usually is in the morning for almost 2 months. Then of course my tea and kicheri and home. I am resting again today, and he says the next couple of days will be a little harder. I asked about going with my friend for a hike to the waterfall…about 3 km out and 1 ½ km up…and he said Tuesday would be OK and he would even give us a ride out to the starting up point on his way to the hospital. So hopefully I will do that on Tuesday with Dyanne. After that he says I will have to take it easy for at least a week. My enemas will be starting soon and that is the hardest part of the panchakarma from my experience.

And that’s about it for today. Just a word about tourism in India. There has been a change over the years. First of all I see lots of MEN traveling alone, which I didn’t used to. And even small groups of “elderly” men from different places…france, germany, Ireland, England, sstates, Australia…. And the new tourist wave, in place of the dwindling Israelis, are the Chinese! They are all over the place.

Enough for todayWoke up with no discharge this morning from my eyes!  (It is now Saturday)


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