November 1-2, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 9-10 – Another Lazy Day and a Special Gift from Dr. Arora

November 1-2, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 9-10 – Another Lazy Day and a Special Gift from Dr. Arora


In case you didn’t see the PS at the end of my last post, I woke up this morning for the first time in 2 months, with no discharge from my eyes.  So the medicated ghee worked, although not completely.  My right eye, which was the worst all along, is still tearing and itching a little, but doc says on Tuesday he will give me another treatment which should fix it completely.


Today was massage and steam, regular tea and kicheri, but while sitting there I commented to Dr. Arora that it is getting very hard for me to keep eating this way as I am ALWAYS hungry.  I finish eating and ½ hour later my stomach is rumbling for food again.  And he said “Wonderful!”.    What is so wonderful about that asks I, and can I PLEASE eat something else during the day.  It is wonderful as the pills I gave you last week are doing there job.  Cleaning out the ama (toxins) and so now your digestive system is working perfectly and your food just digests very quickly which is why you are hungry so soon.  “So, what else would you feel like eating?”.  Well,

, this is a tricky question…hmmmm…pizza, grilled cheese, schnitzel and chips, thali, pasta, chai, cake…when you are hungry, the list is endless…but I knew this would sound exactly therapeutic to him.  So first I asked if I could have vegetable cooked in sauce with some rice and he said that is too hard to digest right now.  OK…how about biryani (a very filling rice dish cooked with wonderful herbs and spices with tiny bits of veggies inside) and he said, OK, but not too often.  And then I thought, if I could eat some cheese during the day, I would really feel full.  He said the quality of the cheese here is not good, but I asked about the fresh Yak cheese, and he said “Oh, yes, that is very good!”. And he made my day.  I ate some yak cheese a couple of hours ago and still feel full.  Apparently that is not a regular part of the diet as it definitely is more difficult to digest, but I feel better than I have for the last few days, and will have some of it whenever I feel it is an “emergency” over the next few weeks.  Good enough solution for me to the hunger.


And then just as I was leaving, I see the doc standing up with a big grin on his face, holding a tiny packet wrapped in newspaper which he is handing to me saying” And today I have a very special gift for you!!”.  I knew right away what it was from other peoples experiences in the past doing panchakarma with him, and all I could sarcastically say was “Oh, how thoughtful of you….I love presents!!”..  He laughed and as realized I knew what it was and said.” Yes, take before sleep and then later in the night lots of good movement and music!.”    I had to laugh at his description.  This is a powder which simply causes you to spend the night with diarrhea emptying out whatever is in your system in preparation for the upcoming enemas which I believe begin sometime later this week.  It should be a lovely night!


My friend Dyanne arrived today and is in the room next door to mine.  She will be here for 5 days and it should be pleasant.  We rarely see each other in Israel, so at least we get to meet up here in India. 


I am spending a lot of time reading these days having finished another Harry Potter adventure and am now reading a book called Whitethorn by Bryce Courtenay which I found in the room when I moved in.  A little hard to read but fascinating as well and will do my best to finish it.  It is written in first person by a South African orphan from the age of 6 upwards, during the period of time following 1939 and the brink of WWII and the division between the Afrikaner people and the English. 


And that’s about it.  Beginning to feel the panchakarma.  Tomorrow is day 10, and I imagine the next 10 days will be more difficult, but it is worth the effort for all the relief it gives me from my arthritis and my general feeling of good health for the year to come.


Sunday Morning, November 2nd


Well, first of all, I had a lovely evening with my friend dyanne, just enjoying being in India with someone who understands my feelings is a lovely experience, and we chatted in m room until Dyanne needed to get to sleep (she had arrived the same day from Israel and was exhausted, as you can imagine).


And then I took the powdered “gift” from Dr. Arora.  First of all, I’ve taken many ayurvedic medicines in the past, mostly in powdered form which you add to water and drink, and some are not bad, and some are horrible.  THIS one was simply VILE!.  I almost gagged drinking it down, and then drank lots of water but couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth and throat.  Finally chewed some chewing gum which helped.  Anything that tastes that bad, must be good medicine!!  I figured if I’d be up with diarrhea in 1 ½ hours (it was only 9:30) , maybe I’d just watch something on the computer and watched a couple of episodes of House – better than average ones actually – but except for feeling really nauseous, which the doc failed to mention to me, nothing was happening.  Did some reading and finally drifted into an uncomfortable sleep, partly because of the nausea and partly because of the anticipation of what was to shortly begin.   I had really weird dreams,  but absolutely nothing happened.  Nothing.  Now this same thing happened last year when I did the same treatment with Dr. Verma in Israel, and when I came to him the next morning he said “Well, maybe we should try dynamite!!”.  At any rate, I woke up really tired (and my eyes not good again by the way), so just began doing my morning Reiki, and to my surprise, the Reiki seemed to set things in motion.  Nowhere near what could be called diarrhea, but at least something.  So at least I won’t be expected to go through this again tonight, and hopefully the doc will be satisfied with my report when I see him in a couple of hours. 


Just before I left, I found myself further occupied, with the desired results, so all is well.  I arrived at the clinic fairly weak, also hadn’t eaten, but the doc was satisfied and I had a nice relaxing and energizing massage.  Ate kicheri that Manju, his wife, prepared today with a whole different flavor and it was good to break up the monotony.  He says my eyes will have to wait and I must be patient.  They will be fine.  To rest today, tomorrow being the last phase of this second part of the panchakarma, and later on this week, 3-4 days, begins the really hard part for a week or so, and then a week of rejuvination and I am DONE!







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