November 4 – Panchakarma Day 12 – and…Monkey Business and Pics for the Day

November 4 – Panchakarma Day 12 – and…Monkey Business and Pics for the Day

Just a quick note: Something has happened to my sidebar and it has dropped down to the bottom of the blog. Scroll down if you need to use it for finding thngs. sorry about that but cannot fix it right now. I’ve already wasted an hour trying to figure it out. Will try again tomorrw

Panchakarma today was simple and pleasant. Massage and special herbal oil treatment for my right shoulder area problems…already feel a difference there. I will write in a separate post about the rest of the day, but am sending pics just to get them posted and off.


This will be a post of pics….remember, click on the small picture to see it in full size.  I will write about the lovely evening/nite I had out with Dyanne in my next post. The monkeys were simply in a bush when we came down to wait for a Rickshaw and couldn’t resist photograhing them.  Some of the pics even came out good! You can also see here the  business of crossing Ram Jhula, a women’s puja at the ghat right next to the bridge, pics from the Shiva Aarti which always inspires me, and a lovely classical Indian music concert we attended as well.


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