Nov. 6, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 14 – FIRST OIL ENEMA

Nov. 6, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 14 – FIRST OIL ENEMA

Well, I am back in my room and have lost some of my confidence in Dr. Arora’s assurances about my having no trouble getting back “safely”. So, from the beginning. When I first arrived the doc saw I was not in my usual good humor and asked why? As if he didn’t know. I explained the I was not concerned with enema itself, as I know from experience that the oil ones are very simple…I was worried about getting home without “mishap”. So he said not to worry as they would give me a pad to use “just in case”. Well, that calmed me down completely. Began the morning as usual with a lovely massage. Then was given stuffed cheese parotha (parantha) to my surprise. Asked why and it was explained to me that I have to eat something oily to oil the upper part of my digestive system. The oil enema would do only the lower part. At any rate, it was a pleasant and delicious surprise to eat with my herbal tea. Then I was told to take a 5 minute walk.

Came back, and the enema was administered easily, I put in the pad, came downstairs, asked to take my kicheri home as I was too full from the parotha to eat it, and was on my way. Less than a minute out of the clinic, I feel something funny on my upper left leg, touch it and find that I am leaking oil. (Nothing else). It takes about 10 minutes to get back to my room and by then I was really full of oil…I hope it comes out of my favorite pair of pants. As soon as I got into the room I put them in hot soapy water to soak, and am now sitting in a pair of underpants, on some paper so as not to mess up the chair cushions, and waiting for as long as possible as instructed. Although I can’t imagine any oil is still left inside. The pad was obviously soaked through as well. I will be in my room for awhile now, so will have time to do some writing catch up as well.

Well, it’s now a couple of hours later, and as nothing remotely related to what is supposed to happen following an enema has happened, I can only guess that ALL of the oil somehow found it’s way out of where it was supposed to be working! I spent a long time getting the oil out of my pants, but they are now clean and hanging out to dry. I will shower soon and then eat my kicheri and then go and rest. Being all messy anyway, after laundry and all, I used the opportunity to clean my room as well, so now everything smells good and is shiney clean, as I will be in a few minutes after my shower. Good day all in all, despite the treatment not doing what it was meant to. At least something was “cleaned” even though not what was originally intended!

I decided to go back to the doctor and tell him what happened, since when I spoke to him last week and asked to do the oil enemas myself at home, he didn’t agree. So I told him now what happened and he was amazed. Said it was the first time something like that ever happened. And I told him that’s because I am so special…I do everything differently than most people!. Good laugh, but he agreed to let me do the further ones at home which is better for me. Makes things easier.

The story of my evening of pujas and concert will follow later today in a separate post.


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