Nov. 8-10 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 16-18 Strange Days and Scandalous Movies

Nov. 8-10 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 16-18 Strange Days and Scandalous Movies

The past 3 days have been kind of a blur of treatments, resting, reading, dreams, contemplation, insights and understandings, watching movies and just more contemplation.

These are all deeper effects of the Panchakarma and I am grateful that the treatments are working on this deeper level. It has been very profound for me to discover the things I’ve discovered…not easy though. It will take lots of work to resolve some of these issues, but I feel blessed to have had these things revealed to me. Some things have already been “taken care of”, but others will take time. I received a message from the Universe (which I get each day in my e-mail but don’t always read…this one was drawn to open and read the other day…and, of course, it was just what I needed to hear).

It takes a great person to take full responsibility for his own happiness.
It takes a greater person to take full responsibility for his own unhappiness.

There was more but this is what was important for me to hear at the moment. I obviously “preach” this to my family, friends and clients all the time – especially the first half of the quote. The second half I’ve always taken for granted, but SAYING it is just as important as saying the first half. And I personally needed to be reminded of this right now.

Anyway, the next day of treatment was of course my next oil enema which we had already agreed I would do at home. But I could see the doc was skeptical about this, and at one point offered
to send Lakshmi home with me to administer it. I saw the look on her face and realized she was far from pleased with this idea (it is not far, but certainly would be a big bother for her in her day’s work)…I really had not qualms about doing it myself and assured him that it would be OK. Which it was. It was easily done at home with no mess or bother.

However, that was one of the most difficult days I’ve had in a very long time. I sometimes, every once in a while, have my blood pressure drop drastically. It is always on the low side anyway. It goes down to 80/50 (or even a drop lower), and I feel it immediately. It is not pleasant I can assure you, especially if I am alone. And this is what happened to me that day. I thought perhaps there were some herbs in the enema which may have caused it, but the next day the doc said no, just the opposite. If anything, they would cause an elevation in blood pressure.

If I was home, and able to walk to the kitchen to do it – which I am not always able to and have to wait for someone to come and help me – I would prepare rosemary tea, which immediately raises blood pressure. But I simply forgot this trip to bring rosemary with me and didn’t know what to do. I waited a couple of hours but it got only worse and I was already shaking and getting a little scared. Thought to call the doc on the phone but figured I’d give it a little more time. In the end, not wanting to drink coffee, I finally made my way downstairs, very shakily, holding on to things as I went, and managed to order a masala chai. I added my own spices to it in the room to make it stronger, and after drinking , I immediately began to feel better, and soon was back to normal.

Watched Harry Potter – Prisoner of Azkaban – But there is no question…reading the book is A LOT more exciting. (I haven’t yet read THIS book, just the first two, but the suspense and surprise in the book is certainly more powerfully felt than while watching the movie. But the Movie is certainly the easy way out, and enjoyable…but in no way compares to reading the book.

Next day I told the doc about this. I “apologized” for drinking the chai, but he said “coffee would have been even better!!”. He also suggested, that the next time this happens, first just try drinking any kind of herbal tea, but sweeten it, preferably for me with brown sugar instead of honey, and eat raisins with it. He said that would work just as well as the caffeine from his experience. And still healthier for me even with the artificial sweetener in it.

The next day, yesterday, was another water enema and this was even easier than the first, The way they do it to make it easier is this. You are administered between 750 cc. up to a liter of warm water with herbs. But they know that after the first small amount is administered, the body objects, and if you would just keep pouring it in, it would be very unpleasant. So after the first ½ minute or so, the enema is stopped for 10 seconds to let the body relax again, which it amazingly does, and then the rest goes in without even feeling it! And comes out just as easily.

I felt much better yesterday, just tired, and rested most of the day, except for having to fix something on my cellphone. Well, if you think talking to customer service in Israel, Orange for example, is difficult, multiply that by 1000 and add Hindi into the equation, and you come close to what I went through yesterday with Vodaphone. I had to call four times before I found someone who spoke English on the other end. The first 3 representatives just hung up on me. And then one finally spoke English, but I did not understand him, and he did not understand ME. It was very frustrating for both of us, but he had lots of patience, and in the end I understood that within 2 days the problem would be resolved. I hung up feeling better, only to discover that my phone had been completely disconnected, the number switch off!! So now I have the problem of finding out how to get this resolved. I can go into the main office in Rishikesh and I’m sure in person it would be easier, but I cannot make the trip these days, just being too weak for anything that energy draining. So today I will try and find someone who can help me do this, maybe the guy who sold me the sim card, or even the doctor. I’m sure it will work itself out.

I’m still having really weird, almost tangible dreams, most of them drifting into my unconscious, except for the one I mentioned in the previous post. But they are real enough to make an impression wherever it is in my subconscious that is necessary to bring up further issues later on in the day. The dreams seem to be specifically directed at those hidden places to “get things moving” . I know the panchakarma has acted as a catalyst to this entire process, but the whole thing is happening in a gentle and non-aggressive way, and it is in no way frightening or intimidating. Just something I must move through at whatever my natural rhythm is.

I am now off to my treatment, as well as trying to get the phone issue resolved. It is now Monday, the 10th of November by the way!

A nice massage and I am now back at home after administering the oil enema to myself. This time I am trying to keep it in longer than last time at the doc’s request.

OK…first the phone issue. The shop where I purchased the sim card was still closed (at 10:15 in the morning…this is India). So when I got to the clinic, I explained the problem to Dr. arora who said, without hesitation. “You will not do this by yourself during these days. Give phone to me. My son will take care of it for you”. And that’s that for now. Hopefully tomorrow it will be back and in working condition.

Then I went up for my massage. Devi alone today as there were 2 others who needed massage at the same time. She very excitedly told me she had been to the movies the day before and seen the film “Fashion” and I asked her if it was good and she gave me a strange look but said yes, it was good movie. Then, just as she began the massage she asked me a strange question. “if this boy says to boy as you my boy friend…do you think good?” I barely understood what she said and certainly didn’t understand what she was asking me . she made several other attempts and finally lakshmi came in . Apparently the two of them had a disagreement about this issue, whatever it was, so Lakshmi explained it to me. “ If there are two women, and they are living together (like the two friends who came every day for treatments who were traveling together) and they are girlfriends, but not for sure homosexual, right?”. “So if two boys are friends, they are also not , right?” . Well, slowly I began getting the picture. I told Devi that Lakshmi was right and that just because two boys were friends did not mean they were homosexual. Just like she and Lakshmi were friends and the two German ladies were just friends, even though they traveled together. And that, I thought was the end. But then, when Lakshmi left, she leaned over and quietly spoke to me again. “If mother asks boy why he not gets married and he says ‘this is my boyfriend’, then that means more than friend, right?”. Now I realized she was talking about a scene in the movie, and since the movie was called “Fashioned” , I put 2 and 2 together and figured this young 20 years old was a lot worldlier than she seemed, and certainly moreso that 30 year old Lakshmi who could not imagine such a thing being shown in an Indian movie. I told devi she was most probably right about what she assumed from this scene, and then she began telling me about the movie. I told her when I finish Panchakarma I want to go to the movies, and first she told me not to see this movie. To wait for the next movie, a “nice” love story. Apparently, by Indian standards, this Fashion movie is considered, well, scandalous from the things Devi told me. She says the modeling girls were all drinking and smoking, and then of course the “boyfriend” thing. “Too much not good thinking”. And then she leaned over conspiratorially and said very quietly in my ear “too much sex!”. So she WAS scandalized! How charming! I must download this movie when I get home and see what all the uproar is about!!

She says girls in Mumbai, and even Delhi do terrible things…like smoking, drinking, dressing wrong, and too much not good thinking. Perhaps the movie is not considered scandalous in the cities, but here in Rishikesh…

I will finish later with this enema, have my kicheri, take a nap, and then go out late afternoon. Doctor says that only water enema days I must stay resting all day, but after oil enema and short rest, I can do what I want. He also says each day my energy level will be a little higher, and this seems to be what is happening. I think I will actually miss going to the clinic each day once it is over, but I will not miss the restrictions on my diet. I am getting very very tired of the same thing each day, although now that I have the cheese, I am at least not feeling hungry all the time.

That’s it for today. (or for the last 3 days).



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  1. Eric Lee says:

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    thanks for your encouragement. It is good to know people find their way here. How did you find this blog BTW? Just curious.


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