Nov. 11 2008- Panchakarma – Day 19 and Redecorating and REAL toilet paper

Nov. 11 2008- Panchakarma – Day 19 and Redecorating and REAL toilet paper

Quiet evening yesterday. Spoke to Shlomit on Skype which is always nice, catching people for a quick chat…ate soup for dinner for a change in the new improved dining room. You might remember that a year ago they expanded the dining room, but the new section had large open areas with no windows, which was nice in the warmer weather, but made it next to impossible to eat in there in the colder evenings. Two days ago, with the colder evenings approaching, they finally put in windows and a door. It was a joint venture by nandu, owner of the guest house, and the owner of the restaurant. It is really pleasant to sit in there now in the evening.

Then came up and watched a couple of episodes of House before turning in early. The computer is a great blessing this time, doing this full month of panchakarma and spending so many days in my room due to lack of energy for anything else.

I also did some redecorating a couple of days ago as you can see. When I went in to pick up my laundry from Mamaji the other day, she (the eternal and very successful businesswoman), was selling floor coverings



which she had purchased someplace. I’m sure she made a good profit , but her price was still really cheap and I bought one for my floor and one which I thought to hang on the wall but in the end hung from the bathroom door. The room is really cozy now. I will just look for something to cover the blank wall, and will feel like a have a real home here. I haven’t begun cooking yet, as I have not had the energy to go shopping for pots and pans etc., but will do so shortly I’m sure.
Today was a straightforward water enema day…the administration is really easy now, but the elimination is getting more difficult as deeper levels of “stuff” are being scraped clean from inside. But I’m doing OK and have very good supervision with Dr. Arora. He also had his son take my phone in and get it back working, but I am still unable to received messages from abroad and don’t know what to do. The guy at the service center in town even put his phone number into my contact list on my phone, and said to call if I still have a problem, but I haven’t been able to get through to him all day. I will give it another day before trying sending the phone to them again.

Our Strength is our Softness
And, last but not least, I began doing some comparison shopping for supplies, seeing where I could save a little money. The toilet paper up in this area is 30 rupees a roll. Down in Tapovan where I usually shop, it is 20. But then the other day my eye spotted a small package of 6 rolls together, with a little carrying handle. It looked very convenient but was sure it would be more expensive since it said “soft” on it, and it DID look more like real toilet paper we are used to instead of the crepe paper used here. I asked how much it was, and to my surprise it was 90 rupees for all 6! Which is 15 rupees a roll. Today I tried the first roll, and it truly is REAL, SOFT toilet paper. Will wonders never cease! Notice the clever caption “Our strength is our SOFTNESS!”

And that’s it for today



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