Nov. 14-15, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 22-23 – Coming Down to the Wire

Nov. 14-15, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 22-23 – Coming Down to the Wire

Hard to believe but I have less than a week to go, and today I was actually thinking “I’m going to miss this!”. Maybe I’ll take the doctor’s advice and do another 2 weeks. (Doubt it – want my freedom back). Anyway, today was a massage and oil enema, a long rest, and then went out with Einat for a concert. It was sitar and tabla, and the truth is, I LOVE flute and tabla, but barely suffer through sitar. I did my best to enjoy, but I really could have done without it. On the other hand, it was good to get out and we met a lovely woman with her 10 year old daughter, Moon, who was born and spent most of her life in a Rainbow community (like a commune) just north of Granada in Spain. They live in a teepee, have no electricity, and everything is free. Anyone can come and join the community, with no money etc. She came when she was pregnant and gave birth there and continued to live there. She then left for a few years but returned. Her daughter is home schooled (although many of the children there go to the local schools), and just delightful. Open, friendly, highly intelligent and lovely company. They will be in India for ½ year with the idea of giving her a taste of yet another culture. She has lived in Greece and England, and speaks perfect English as well as good Spanish and some German.

I took down some information from her about this community and will try and research it, although it’s whereabouts are kept secret so that they are not inundated with freeloaders. But I now know where it is!

Other than that, nothing new to write. Perhaps tomorrow will be more
more interesting. It is my last water enema and can’t say that I am unhappy about that. Then a couple of more oil enemas, massages, steam, sirodhara, steam and ear, eye and nose treatments and I am finished. Hard to believe.

The thought of beginning to work does not really excite me, but if I don’t work for at least a few weeks now, it will then be difficult as the place empties out completely over January and part of December. We’ll see. Whatever is meant to happen, will.

More tomorrow.

Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 23 – Last Water Enema – Emotional Down and Phone out Again!

All in all, it’s been a strange day. It was nice finally doing my last water enema, although they’ve been easy enough and actually would not have minded if there were more. I sounds strange my even writing this, but this entire panchakarma month has gone by quickly and generally easily – much easier than I would have imagined.

On the other hand, I’ve felt the beginnings of a mood swing since sometime yesterday, which is why I went out with Einat even though I didn’t really feel like company…thought it would do me good. But I imagine if something has to service, it will…even if we postpone the inevitable. I slept very soundly last night, not even getting up for the bathroom, and woke this morning feeling good. But walking down to the treatment, I already began to feel the “tickling” someplace inside of something not being right. As the day has moved along it has been getting heavier, but have no explanation for the tears which are near the surface, but not finding their way out. On top of that, my phone has been switched off again! – perhaps in another attempt to fix the message problem. I’ve asked one of the guys here to try and take care of it for me and hopefully he will be able to do it for me. I am getting frustrated with the phone and think I will perhaps buy a different SIM card in the end from the company I always used in the past and never had trouble with – Airtel. I will give them one more chance to work this out and if not, will cross it off as an unexpected expense and move along.

Also, one of the guys here, who has been my friend since I first met him on my first stay here, and always taken good care of me, seems to be angry at me for something and I am finding it very discomfiting. This is perhaps also adding to my down mood. He wouldn’t even agree to help me with my phone today, quite unusual for him, and had to ask another guy to help me out. All these things together have got me feeling “blue”…I know it will pass and hopefully I will even figure out what triggered it in the first place.

I have also been thinking of Abdellah an enormous amount the last few days…everything I do or think about seems to remind me of him. It is not easy.

For the last few days I had been listening exclusively to folkdancing music, and even dancing one evening, but for some reason yesterday, I also had this strange urge to listen to Hassidic Music, which I always loved in the past and have a fairly good collection on my I-Pod. Memories of the past? Who knows, but I am listening and quite enjoying.

I still have a lot of writing to do, not necessarily for public consumption on the blog, but for myself, and don’t get around to it. Dreams, feelings, insights, introspective thoughts and understandings…this has been a very powerful month for me.

I imagine the last few days of my treatment will go by quickly, and a few days after that my friend Ravin from Chennai will be coming for a few days. Haven’t seen him in 5 years but I imagine it will be fun seeing him again for a few days.

The weather is getting a little colder…Long sleeves for me all day…but the sunshine is still beautiful and now I am really appreciating being up here on the roof. Sunshine all day long!. Like winter sun in Israel. Truly appreciated.

And that’s it for today, and yesterday.



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