Nov. 18 – Panchakarma – Day 26 – Some Pics and a Recipe for Improving Eye Sight!

Nov. 18 – Panchakarma – Day 26 – And Some Pics and a Recipe for Improving Eye Sight!

Ram Jhula Sunset

Ram Jhula Sunset

An easy day to day. Just a massage and then drops in my ears and nose for further cleansing. Special treat of parantha even though I have no more oil enemas. And of course kicheri. Today was picture taking day and it was fun all around. Lots of laughs. We are several women doing panchkarma now and it is great fun just meeting up and enjoying ourselves each morning. I will miss it! Back to my room to shower after purchasing the ingredients that Dr. Arora said will improve my eyesight in 3 months. Sesame seeds to eat, alma powder to take with water and mustard oil to massage the soles of my feet. He said at the age of 43 when he began to need glasses for reading, he did this for 3 months and his eyes have been fine since. He is in his 50’s now. So I begin this evening!

The picture above (and the entire gallery below) is from the balconey of the internet place I sit at almost every day, and is a beautiful view downriver with Ram Jhula in the distance and past that, the town of Rishikesh.

And below is a picture of one of the many signs around town in the effort to help clean up the environmental damage done to the Himalayas and prevent further pollution damage. Seems to be working. People are always bringing in plastic bottles and there are separate bins for different types of waste which I see people using. Nice to see.

Clean Himalaya

Clean Himalaya

Now that I am out and about more, I will try and take more pictures to send off, and I have a really interesting story to tell but will do that tomorrow…



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