Nov. 20, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 28- Last Day of Panchakarma – First Day of Rain!

Nov. 20, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 28- Last Day of Panchakarma – First Day of Rain!

First Rain

First Rain

Woke up this morning to a sound I haven’t heard in a long time. RAIN! I was quite surprised as I just wrote yesterday how lovely the weather is and there really has been no sign of rain. Turns out everyone is just as surprised as me. Even the weather report did not even predict a possibility of rain. And it was COLD! When I began writing this post this morning, I was wearing 3 layers under my outer shirt, with a sweatshirt on top of that with hood. And a warm shawl covering that. I also put on a hat as my head was cold. Under my jeans I wore stockings, sox and heavy woolen knitted “booties” on top. I covered the whole thing with my heavy blanket shawel and then was able to go down for breakfast. But by the time breakfast was over, the clouds parted, the sun came out and by the time I got down to Dr. Arora, it was getting comfortably warm. It was the kind of chilly which makes your cheeks red but not cold enough to be uncomfortable. Perfect walking weather. By the time my massage and steam bath were over, I was able to remove one layer of shirts, my stockings, hat and sweatshirt. I was going down to Devi’s house today, so left all the extra clothing at the clinic, and by the time we started walking to her house at 1, it was a beautiful sunny day, with a pleasant chill in the air.

I will tell you about the visit to Devi’s house in another post, and am including below some farewell pictures of the Arora Clinic and staff, but first just a few comments about the panchakarma.

Today, my last day, it rained as mentioned. I thought this was a good sign of final cleansing, and when I arrived at the clinic, doc was very happy and said according to the Indians, if there is an auspicious occasion or special day (like last day of panchakarma), and it rains, it is a great blessing from God. So, again, I’ve been blessed!

In the past, I had always finished panchakarma in a weakened state and having lost between 2-4 kg. which I really couldn’t afford to loose. This time

due to the really proper and gentle treatment received, I am full of energy now and actually GAINED ½ kg. over my starting weight! He is very pleased with my results, and said I will feel even better a couple of weeks from now. I can also go back slowly to eating whatever I like, including pasta and chai and certain sweets (particularly those made from channa (ground chickpeas) called began ladoo…round sweet balls which I love but never thought they were good for me. Also kheer which I had started eating in Israel through Verma’s advice and with his recipe. This is a sweet kind of rice pudding containing lots of milk, dried fruits, ground almonds and pistacios…very filling and very good sweet for Vatta people. So today I treated my self to a piece of apple crumble and masala chai and feel like this was a full celebration of the feat of completely a full month of panchakarma, quickly and easily! Tonight I am planning on pasta! Really looking forward…and hope to not see a boiled vegetable again for at least a month!!!

Next year I am planning to do 6 weeks instead of 4 and already looking forward to it. I will really miss the daily comraderie of both the other patients and the staff as well. It was a truly wonderful experience…another true blessing in my life!

The weather has cleared, I imagine it will be sunny a pleasant tomorrow, and am now planning my shopping to town to get my kitchen set up and begin some light cooking.

And that’s it for today. I now owe you two stories…Hari’s Girfriend and Devi’s house! Hopefully tomorrow!



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