Nov. 22, 2008 – Living in Rishikesh

Nov. 22, 2008 – Living in Rishikesh

Just one quick comment about the surprising results of Panchakarma which I forgot to mention previously. The other day, I was rubbing lotion on my legs, when I felt a funny felling. It was as if I had recently shaved my legs and stubble was growing back, but I haven’t shaved my legs since I got to India (one of the things I like about being here!) . I looked more closely and saw, in between the very sparse leg hair I have had for the past number of years – a perk of getting older I guess – less body hair to worry about – I noticed, to my astonishment, hair growing. Still to short to really see but it is definitely hair and light in color (or perhaps grey?). I asked Dr. Arora about this and he was ever so pleased. He said if the body is truly cleansing properly , than this is one of the results. Hair and nails it appears are another way in which the body releases toxins, and if everything is going well, new hair would be a sign of very deep cleansing…he said my head hair would probably get thicker as well. And of course I already mentioned, I think, the fact that my nails are cracking at the finger line. His explanation is that the old nails were very weak, and the new ones, being stronger, cause the old ones to break leaving only new nail to continue to release toxins more efficiently. I find this not only exciting, but quite fascinating as well. I can’t say I am particularly happy about having more leg hair, but the concept is interesting.

The last two days, and tomorrow as well it seems, will be devoted to simply “living in Rishikesh”. Yesterday I finally got my cellphone problem sorted out and I now have a life time validity on an Indian phone number and hopefully this will work as promised every time I come back to India.

Today I began equipping my kitchen for simple cooking, and you never really realize how much stuff you need for cooking. I already realize I forgot to my a grater and am sure I will find other things missing as I go along. So far I purchased a small storage unit (you can see in the pics)

and a saucepan, frying pan, colander, a couple of mixing bowls, storage tins, food warmer, serving tray, cutting board, knife, measuring cups, wooden utensils , spices and containers for them, this all came to about 250 shekel. Not cheap but I bought good stuff as I plan to leave it in storage

here for when I return each year. That is the idea anyway. Later today, or tomorrow, I will purchase basic food items: rice, lentils, pasta, oatmeal olive oil, salt etc., and hopefully, after my friend ravin leaves on Wednesday, I will get down to cooking. I am looking forward to it. I will also see about milk so I can make my own chai. Of course I will need fresh produce each time I decide to cook something, but there are places easy walking distance from me to get these things. I think the first thing I will cook will be vegetable soup as the soups here leave something to be desired. Basically water with some vegetables floating in it!

Actually managed to get most of my basic supplies this evening and it was too heavy to carry so the guy gave me a “home delivery!”. It will be waiting for me when I get back to my room!

All of the above involves lots of walking, and carrying, but the shop keepers were very helpful and even helped me carry all my purchases, which were quite heavy, to a rickshaw and the rickshaw took me almost all the way up to my room, so it was not too difficult. I have most of what I will need, and the rest should be easy. But the feeling of LIVING here is a very good feeling, and I am enjoying the fact that I am a “housewife” for the first time in India. I do my own cleaning as well and enjoy keeping the room comfortable for myself. It is only one room, but seems to expand to allow me room for whatever it is I need extra space for.

Today, I will be taking a friend to see Doctor Arora…This is a side of living in India which is not so pleasant. I might have mentioned the French lady…ooo lala, before. Well, she is 66 and while in Varansai recently, she fell and broke her arm just above the elbow. The first doctor she was taken too told her it would cost 600 rupees for a cast but she must return immediately to her own country for an operation on her elbow. She didn’t want to do that so went for a second opinion. The second doctor said he would put on a “special” cast for 5000 (!) rupees and she would not need an operation. Who do you believe? Anyway, she went with the second guy and arrived a few days ago in Rishikesh. Just to be sure, today she went to an orthopedic surgeon some people recommended, and he took new x-rays. His diagnoses was that the first cast was not even done properly, the angle is wrong, the material wrong for this type of fracture, and they she definitely needs surgery, but she can do it here in India. He sent her to a further specialist, who she will go see tomorrow, but she is now so concerned she is in tears. He told her if she doesn’t have surgery very soon, she will never be able to bend her arm again at the elbow (it is now set at a 90 degree angel).

So I thought Dr. Arora could advise her. He has friends who are doctors in conventional medicine hospitals and perhaps he can help her come to a decision, or at least recommend someone to her who can. I will be taking her to him at 4 this afternoon. I feel so bad for her. She has been in India for years, much like me, but is now at her wit’s end and totally confused, and alone. I don’t envy her.

I’ll end here for today, and rest awhile after my big shopping day.


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