Nov. 27, 2008 – Catching Up

Nov. 27, 2008 – Catching Up

I will do my best to catch up on the last 5 days. I simply haven’t written as a friend of mine was here visiting from Chennai, and that took up all of my time. I will write about that visit, the dinner I was invited to at Dr. Arora’s house with a few other friends, my eating habits changing, an amazing change in my vision as a result, apparently, of panchakarma, as well as a nasty lesson I learned the hard way about viruses and computers. But first, just a look at today!

Today was actually my first day, since I arrived in India on October 11th, that I have had entirely free, to myself, to do as I please. I know this sounds strange, but first I was in Delhi, then I arrived here and began panchakarma, and as soon as I finished, I did all, or most, of my errands to get my room set up before Ravin arrived for his 3 days visit.

So, today, I woke up as I usually do, automatically opening my eyes at 6:45 for some reason. Did my bandha work, pranayama, prayers, meditation, mantras and yoga. Then I cleaned my room, which I hadn’t done in over a week. And then, for the first time since I am here, cooked my own porridge for breakfast. First of all, it really tasted much better than what I buy here, and of course was much cheaper. I’ve decided that instead of buying milk and worrying about it spoiling, or asking a favor to keep it in the refrigerator in the kitchen downstairs, I would just order a glass of milk in the morning. It costs 10 rupees. So breakfast, which used to be 35 rupees for the porridge and 10 for the milk, is now only 10 rupees, and much tastier. I use part of the milk for my porridge which also has dried fruits and almonds which have soaked over night added to it, as well as ghee and cinnamon, and the rest of the milk to drink hot with my chanwanprash (tonic which I take to continue strengthening my systems following panchakarma).

Then I showered, got dressed and went out shopping. As much as it is nice to be able to cook myself, there are two definite drawbacks.
. I have to wash dishes (the morning dishes are still in the bucket – I don’t have a real sink so wash them on the floor in the bucket as many Indian housewives do), and I have to shop for food to be able to cook it! So, I went down this morning to get some further supplies like flour and baking powder for making pancakes, a nice homemade apple cake for noshing, and dish washing liquid! While out, I stopped by Dr. Arora’s place, said hello to the “old gang” and had some herbal tea. He also recommended a good optometrist in town who I will go see tomorrow (a later post will explain why). Came back to my room, put the food away, and by then it was lunchtime!!

Decided to go back to the dhaba (more about that later) I ate in with Ravin. Had two of the best paranthas I’ve ever eaten anywhere, my own included. These are made on an outdoor oven, much like a taboun that the Bedouins make their pitas on and they are simply scrumptious. They come with a special sauce and I ordered curd on the side. Problem is, I forgot to tell them not to put chili in them! To my great surprise, I was able to eat them, and enjoy them, even with the chili in them. It was kind of like putting your foot into ice water. If you jump right out assuming you can’t do it, you won’t be able to ever do it. This time, I just kept eating the food and found that fairly quickly my mouth got used to it, and I enjoyed the rest of the meal with no problem. Like finally dipping your whole body into the ice-water and finding yourself completely invigorated after the experience. I finished my meal with masala chai, and the whole thing cost me 40 rupees!! I will be eating there as often as I can. It is good, clean, delicious and very cheap. I stopped at the internet café to answer a few letters, and while there, found several letters asking me if I am OK…and then my Mother called me. I had no idea what anyone was talking about until I purposely, for the first time since I’m here, opened the newspaper online and read about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. But I am so far from there, it would be like calling me in Tel Aviv and asking me if I was OK after there was a terrorist attack in , let’s say, London.

Came back to my room, refilled a few water bottles with cheaper filtered water to use for cooking and am now trying to catch up on my writing, while sitting out on the rooftop terrace enjoying the sunset and cooling air. Soon I’ll have to retire indoors to finish this up. I’ll make kitcheri for supper and have a piece of home made apple cake (with whole wheat flour) as dessert. Couldn’t resist buying it at the local shop while out this morning. I’ve gained another kilo this week by the way. I’m feeling really good, but I went overboard this week eating everything I had been fantasizing about the whole month I was doing panchakarma. But it was a fun week, and now I will get back to eating my normal diet, cheating only once in awhile for fun.

I will end this post so that it is not too long and try and catch up with the other days in a new post.


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  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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