Nov. 28, 2008 – One of “Those” Days

Nov. 28, 2008 – One of “Those” Days

Yesterday evening I cooked my own dinner for the first time. I’ve already begun cooking my own special porridge in the morning. I might have even mentioned this. I order a glass of milk and then cook in my room. I cannot really keep milk as I have no fridge, even though they would let me use the one in the kitchen. But it is just as easy to order a glass of milk each morning.

So last night, I made my own dinner…cooked kitcheri, and it came out pretty good. The spices here seem to be much fresher than those at home, and so it was a little heavy on the seasoning, but otherwise, very good. And there was enough left over for another meal tonight. That is stored in the fridge downstairs. Of course, I now have to wash dishes, which I do in a bucket in the bathroom as the bathroom sink is much too small, but I manage.

For some reason I was very tired yesterday evening, and by 8:30 I had fallen asleep, only to wake up at midnight. So I read for awhile, and eventually fell back to sleep. Woke up still tired this morning, with a headache…perhaps I didn’t drink enough, don’t know. Anyway, I had to go into the market and that is how the day began, following breakfast.

Got dressed, went into town to pick up the Reiki workbooks I had

had given in to be printed 4 days ago. When I arrived, he had not done them at all as his machine was not working.!! So, I went to look for a new printer, found one who seemed actually much better, and they will be ready, he says, on Sunday. I then had planned to go shopping for warm sox, a grater which I need, a broom and a winter shalwar kameez from warmer fabric. It would have been good to get this all done in one day. To my great surprise, when I went to give the printer and advance, I realized I had no cash with me!!! He was nice enough to agree to do the work without an advance, after I left him my phone number and residence address. But that meant I couldn’t do the rest of my shopping after already getting into town.

I decided to go look for fabric anyway. I went into a lovely shop which was full of women (many with their husbands) also buying winter clothing, but I found one seat available and someone to help me. Told him what I wanted and he began pulling out “suits” (meaning fabric for top, pants and scarf all together just needing to be stitched into a suit). There were so many, and so many designs and colors, I went crazy. Finally I asked help from a young couple sitting next to me, and they happily helped me choose the color and design they thought looked best on me. Their choice was good I think, although more than I wanted to spend, but have decided to get it anyway. Then of course, he also wanted some payment before giving it to the tailor. And I didn’t have money. So he agreed to save it for me until I come back on Sunday. And I’ve also decided to give it to the tailor I like here who has stitched things for me before, making perfect copies, rather than trust a tailor I don’t know. He wants 50 rupees more than the tailor in the shop, but I think it is worth it. He will simply copy a suit which Suman in Delhi already made for me, making long sleeves instead of short, with the fabric I bring him. Hopefully by Monday I will have it ready.
So, I came back home, got some money, and decided to go down to Ram Jhula to purchase a warm winter shawel for myself as well as a shawl and sweater for Devi’s Mother. I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to do that, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. One of my friends also donated $20 to the “Devi Fund” (I’d be happy for any more donations…it would really help this family), and so I decided to go get the things for her today and still have money left over for her to buy a new sari.

So I got down to the Ram Jhula market only to find everything closed!! Someone had died and the shops were closed in his honor. I finally found one opened however, and got the shawels as well as an “under the sari sweater”, and by the time I got back to my room, I was completely exhausted. I ate something light and took a nap, and hope this tiredness will be gone by tomorrow. I still have lots of errands to run, including getting a package ready to send home, but I will take things slowly. Not good to try to do more than one thing a day in India.

The weather is still very warm during the day, around 25 degrees, but gets cool by evening, cold by night and still chilly in the morning. But they say in the next two weeks it will cool off during the day also, so I want to be prepared.

I just finished having a cup of tea, in my room, with delicious homemade banana cake which I bought yesterday. I couldn’t resist it, and it is really delicious. Almost as good as I make at home. In another couple of hours I’ll have my kicheri for dinner and make it another early night I think. I have a Reiki workshop next week from Wed – Friday, and want to feel good enough to do it.

OK. That’s about it for today. The server here is down, but hopefully it will be working later and I can get this posted today.

And then of course there is terrorism which we can never get away from. The horrible story of what went on in Mumbai the last few days has come to a very sad ending…and no matter where we are in the world, we are effected by this hatred and fear. We can only pray and be optimistic. There has GOT to be some change….



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