Nov. 30, 2008 – Invite to Local Family Celebration and Buying New Clothes, Indian Style and Being Alone…

November 30, 2008

Nov. 30, 2008 – Invite to Local Family Celebration and Buying New Clothes, Indian Style and Being Alone…

Buying Clothes

Buying Clothes

I am sitting on my rooftop terrace as the sun goes down and I can never get enough of this. Having easy access to outdoors is the big thing I miss at home in my flat. I have a terrace but it is not the same. I find it so peaceful up here (usually alone), and since I’ve begun cooking for myself, it will be very easy for me to fall back into the “hermit” pattern I find myself in at home in Israel. I don’t have to go downstairs for all my meals which means I “hang out” less with other people. I honestly don’t miss it. With the weather still beautiful, I am very rarely IN my room either. But my room is situated such that unless you actually come up here to see me, you never see me, and I like it that way. As usual, if I choose to be around people, that is no problem. Tomorrow for example I am meeting a lady I met at the clinic while she was also doing panchakarma, and we will go out for lunch. There are plenty of these opportunities, but I don’t really go looking for them. I basically am the same person here as I am at home and do relish my “aloneness”. Below is a copy of a poem I wrote during one of my stays in India, and I thought it appropriate here:

Why are others always an intrusion?
I don’t seek them yet they find me…
Must I become invisible to be ALONE?
Or is this part of who, what I am
Flowing along and blending into the river of common pain
Floating as a log for those drowning to latch on to.
Where is the log meant to keep me afloat?
Or have I been given the strength to stay afloat ALONE?
Do I draw my strengths from my ALONENESS?
Or from the giving OF myself?
Who will be there to keep me from drowning
When there is no more strength to draw on?
I am surrounded by heavenly love and protection…
Spiritually I am never ALONE…
I am physical as well
As is my life…
All the new that awaits me…
All the changes to be made…
All the wonders still to reveal themselves…
Are not meant to be experienced ALONE
My soul, my heart, my body all yearn
For the one with the same yearnings
To continue the journey together in our ALONENESS…

Can there be such a miracle?

I have these feelings often but the poem expresses the depth of my confusion very well.

And now on to the regular post for yesterday and today.

Nov. 29…. Yesterday was a lovely day which began with my waking up feeling very tired and still with a slight headache which I had been having for a couple of days (It is gone today). I can only imagine it has to do with the weather changing…it was kind of “chamsini”, and perhaps I wasn’t drinking enough…who knows.

Anyway, I had forgotten to soak my dried fruit for porridge overnight, so ordered a Read the rest of this entry »

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