Nov. 20, 2008 – Just some more stuff – and the story of Hari’s Girlfriend as Promised

November 21, 2008

Nov. 20, 2008 – Just some more stuff – and the story of Hari’s Girlfriend as Promised

Just before the full post, I am including pictures of henna that was done to my hand yesterday when I went to visit Devi. The visit to her house requires an entire post, which I hope I will get to today. But enjoy the pics. She did it with lots of patience, at least on her part (she also wanted to do the top part of my hand, but I couldn’t sit any longer), and then I had to wait 4 hours until it dried properly. So I couldn’t even pee as you cannot take your pants up and down with only one hand. It was all very funny. She had to put my shoes on for me when I left, wrap my shawl around me, take 5 rupees out of my wallet for me to hold for the rickshaw, and still part of the henna wiped off before the time was up. The second picture is still with the wet henna, and the last one is after I washed it and it was completed. It should last for a week now. Fun I guess.

As I was posting the last two posts at the internet café, a new downpour began. But I don’t have far to go and got up to my room without getting too wet. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? (Woke up to another beautiful sunny, warm day and am back in short sleeve summer shalwar kameez!!)

At any rate, I continued my celebration of food with a lovely plate of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. After a full month of no pasta , perhaps a record for me, it was like a full gourmet meal to me! The waiters, who have been waiting for me to finish panchakarma, began celebrating with me this evening with my masala chai and apple crumble, and were all smiles when I ordered the pasta. I am actually feeling a little stuffed right now, but ever so happy!

It is again cold, but have pulled out more warm clothing from the original parcel I mailed to Delhi before I came to India, and am “snug as a bug in a rug”. I have on two pair of pants, one a training pants and over them Read the rest of this entry »

Nov. 20, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 28- Last Day of Panchakarma – First Day of Rain!

November 20, 2008

Nov. 20, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 28- Last Day of Panchakarma – First Day of Rain!

First Rain

First Rain

Woke up this morning to a sound I haven’t heard in a long time. RAIN! I was quite surprised as I just wrote yesterday how lovely the weather is and there really has been no sign of rain. Turns out everyone is just as surprised as me. Even the weather report did not even predict a possibility of rain. And it was COLD! When I began writing this post this morning, I was wearing 3 layers under my outer shirt, with a sweatshirt on top of that with hood. And a warm shawl covering that. I also put on a hat as my head was cold. Under my jeans I wore stockings, sox and heavy woolen knitted “booties” on top. I covered the whole thing with my heavy blanket shawel and then was able to go down for breakfast. But by the time breakfast was over, the clouds parted, the sun came out and by the time I got down to Dr. Arora, it was getting comfortably warm. It was the kind of chilly which makes your cheeks red but not cold enough to be uncomfortable. Perfect walking weather. By the time my massage and steam bath were over, I was able to remove one layer of shirts, my stockings, hat and sweatshirt. I was going down to Devi’s house today, so left all the extra clothing at the clinic, and by the time we started walking to her house at 1, it was a beautiful sunny day, with a pleasant chill in the air.

I will tell you about the visit to Devi’s house in another post, and am including below some farewell pictures of the Arora Clinic and staff, but first just a few comments about the panchakarma.

Today, my last day, it rained as mentioned. I thought this was a good sign of final cleansing, and when I arrived at the clinic, doc was very happy and said according to the Indians, if there is an auspicious occasion or special day (like last day of panchakarma), and it rains, it is a great blessing from God. So, again, I’ve been blessed!

In the past, I had always finished panchakarma in a weakened state and having lost between 2-4 kg. which I really couldn’t afford to loose. This time Read the rest of this entry »

Nov. 18-19, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 26-27 – New Energy Levels – Newfound Freedom and New Insights

November 20, 2008

Nov. 18-19, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 26-27 – New Energy Levels – Newfound Freedom and New Insights

The past two days have been like a rebirth, or like coming out of hibernation. For the entire past month, except for the two days at the beginning when I went for the motorbike rides, I have been going to my treatments in morning and then pretty much staying close to my room. A few times I went out for supper to a nearby restaurant, Tulsi, but other than that, I stayed put.

Yesterday, feeling completely energized after my massage, parantha, kicheri, ear and nose cleansing, I came back to my room, showered, changed clothes, and went out for a lovely walk. (If you want to get an impression of the area I walked around in, or at least a small part of it, check out the “video” tab above and look for the video about lakshman jhula.) Yesterday I exchanged 6 books I had finished reading for a couple of new (used) ones at the bookshop near the Lashman Jhula bridge, had a fruit salad sitting overlooking the Ganga, and then slowly walked back up to “house”, and joined a private yoga lesson. My friend einat just got certified as a yoga instructor and she is practicing. Then had dinner and spent the evening with this lovely Canadian girl, Sara, who to Rishikesh for 3 days and has been here for almost 10 already. She copy movies off my computer, we talked, watched some stand-up comedy and just had a good time. Then einat came in and we did some Tarot reading, more talking, and finally they both left. Then my friend from Delhi that I stayed with, called ( at midnight) to ask me to save her two rooms for her, and two friends who were visiting from Canada. They were coming to Rishikesh just for the day. I fell asleep after one and woke up bright and early to meet them when they arrived at 9 AM. Great seeing her again, even for a few minutes before I headed off for my treatment.

Today I had a massage and sirodhara (oil on the forehead). If you remember, the first time I did this it was very difficult for me. I was restless to the point of feeling trapped and claustrophobic, and the next two times, following the doc’s instructions, got easier. This last time was so lovely, I simply Read the rest of this entry »

Nov. 18 – Panchakarma – Day 26 – Some Pics and a Recipe for Improving Eye Sight!

November 18, 2008

Nov. 18 – Panchakarma – Day 26 – And Some Pics and a Recipe for Improving Eye Sight!

Ram Jhula Sunset

Ram Jhula Sunset

An easy day to day. Just a massage and then drops in my ears and nose for further cleansing. Special treat of parantha even though I have no more oil enemas. And of course kicheri. Today was picture taking day and it was fun all around. Lots of laughs. We are several women doing panchkarma now and it is great fun just meeting up and enjoying ourselves each morning. I will miss it! Back to my room to shower after purchasing the ingredients that Dr. Arora said will improve my eyesight in 3 months. Sesame seeds to eat, alma powder to take with water and mustard oil to massage the soles of my feet. He said at the age of 43 when he began to need glasses for reading, he did this for 3 months and his eyes have been fine since. He is in his 50’s now. So I begin this evening!

The picture above (and the entire gallery below) is from the balconey of the internet place I sit at almost every day, and is a beautiful view downriver with Ram Jhula in the distance and past that, the town of Rishikesh.

And below is a picture of one of the many signs around town in the effort to help clean up the environmental damage done to the Himalayas and prevent further pollution damage. Seems to be working. People are always bringing in plastic bottles and there are separate bins for different types of waste which I see people using. Nice to see.

Clean Himalaya

Clean Himalaya

Now that I am out and about more, I will try and take more pictures to send off, and I have a really interesting story to tell but will do that tomorrow…


Nov. 16-17, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 24-25 – Deep Cleansing and Deep Issues and some Pics

November 17, 2008

Nov. 16-17, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 24-25 – Deep Cleansing and Deep Issues and some Pics

Where to begin. With the easy stuff for a change. The weather is still lovely. From 7 PM until 10AM it is cold and windy – chilly more like it – I need my warm clothing but not extra layers and no coat yet – but the rest of the day is glorious. I was wrong about the rain – the haze has lifted and the sunshine is brilliant. Sat out for about ½ hour sun-bathing today. Like the winter sun in Israel. Hot but not oppressive with a cool breeze every now and then. Might even get some color in my face!

And speaking of my face…a girl here works in photography and asked to photograph me on the roof, so below you will see some pics of me taken last week.

Yesterday I was really cold during my massage…for the first time. But yesterday morning my ghee was also solid instead of liquid when I took it down to breakfast in the morning. I think there must be at least a 10-15 degree difference between day high and night low. I needed two warm blankets as well as a heater during the massage and still, the body part exposed was really cold. So today I had my massage in the Solarium. It is a room which once was a terrace, now all enclosed in large glass windows, and facing the morning sun. I laid on the table and felt as if I was on a beach, perhaps in Goa which I will never get to I think, with the sun beating down on me. It was wonderful. I was really hot. I feel bad for the massage therapist in that room! In addition, Manju, the doc’s wife and herself a doctor, gave me my full massage today, so all in all, I was in heaven. Only 3 days left! Today was my last enema, and I complained that I won’t be getting any more parantha, and would be willing to have an enema just to get the parantha again. Doc said he would bring me a parantha every day anyway! Said I need to eat lots of oily food and the other women there were quite jealous and asked why just me. He said “look at her – she is so skinny…she must everything to make her gain weight!” He will be telling me what he wants me to eat for the next few weeks to do just that. The amazing thing about the panchakarma this time is, that contrary to the other two times when I lost a lot of weight, I only lost ½ kg this time and he said that was his objective. It is forbidden for me to loose weight. I am much too thin and frail (his words) and at my age should weigh at least 56 kg. I weighed that last year before I began my panchakarma in Israel, but never gain the weight back. I thought I was a little round around the middle, but my face looked really good then. That is his objective for me, and I’ll be happy to oblige if I can. Might even get some boobs back!

And speaking of food, mine hasn’t been worth mentioning this past month, except for one thing, and I am including a picture. My daily fruit salad. It is one of my great pleasures here, as at home I could never prepare myself a fruit salad like this every day, with such a variety of fruit. Right now, it includes apples, bananas, papaya, pineapple, chico (a fruit very similar in taste to custard apples – arnona – but looks like a small round dirty potato from the outside), pomegranate, orange and grapes. Later on it will also include mango and strawberries!

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

As I mentioned in my last post, I had begun feeling down a couple of days ago, my body filled with a heaviness, a weight, which needed to be released. And not sleeping most of that night, tossing and turning – watching movies, reading and drifting into a restless sleep for an hour or so towards morning. Still feeling so heavy I Read the rest of this entry »

Nov. 14-15, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 22-23 – Coming Down to the Wire

November 15, 2008

Nov. 14-15, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 22-23 – Coming Down to the Wire

Hard to believe but I have less than a week to go, and today I was actually thinking “I’m going to miss this!”. Maybe I’ll take the doctor’s advice and do another 2 weeks. (Doubt it – want my freedom back). Anyway, today was a massage and oil enema, a long rest, and then went out with Einat for a concert. It was sitar and tabla, and the truth is, I LOVE flute and tabla, but barely suffer through sitar. I did my best to enjoy, but I really could have done without it. On the other hand, it was good to get out and we met a lovely woman with her 10 year old daughter, Moon, who was born and spent most of her life in a Rainbow community (like a commune) just north of Granada in Spain. They live in a teepee, have no electricity, and everything is free. Anyone can come and join the community, with no money etc. She came when she was pregnant and gave birth there and continued to live there. She then left for a few years but returned. Her daughter is home schooled (although many of the children there go to the local schools), and just delightful. Open, friendly, highly intelligent and lovely company. They will be in India for ½ year with the idea of giving her a taste of yet another culture. She has lived in Greece and England, and speaks perfect English as well as good Spanish and some German.

I took down some information from her about this community and will try and research it, although it’s whereabouts are kept secret so that they are not inundated with freeloaders. But I now know where it is!

Other than that, nothing new to write. Perhaps tomorrow will be more Read the rest of this entry »

Nov. 13, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 21 – Another AHA!

November 13, 2008

Nov. 13, 2008 – Panchakarma – Day 21 – Another AHA!

First of all, just a word on the weather. Today was the first day that there was a real chill in the air this morning, and now, at 5 in the afternoon as well. Not just a cooling off, but a chill. And the day was hazy all day, the sun shining out dimly from behind the haze, the mountains barely visible except as a grey shape in the distance. I have a feeling, from my past experience here, that sometime in the next few days it might rain. Time will tell.

Another water enema day…getting easier all the time. But still means a day for resting all day, which is good, as I have lots of writing to catch up on and also need to focus inward. I am feeling very light of spirit, happy, content, at peace. And the new discovery of this morning has made feel even happier. Joy and happiness have been alluding me for years now. I consider myself a happy person, but I never seem to get a real grip on true happiness and joy…and perhaps the insights of the past couple of weeks will bring me closer to the genuine feeling of joy and happiness in my life.

And so…to the AHA of this morning.

Yesterday evening a passing remark by my friend Einat struck a cord, but at the time I made no connection with my own life. It wasn’t until waking this morning with a start at 5:30 that I realized why her remark was so profound for me. She simply had said that she has found a new sense of Read the rest of this entry »

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