Dec. 1-3, 2008 – Lunch Date, Volunteer Work , REAL Work and an Interesting Story

Dec. 1-3, 2008 – Lunch Date, Volunteer Work , REAL Work and an Interesting Story

Well, let me try and go back a couple of days to Monday and work my way up to today. Life is settling into “just days” and so I have much less inclination to write, but there were interesting things over the last few days and will try and get them down in the proper order.

The Final Product

The Final Product


First of all, above are some pics of me in the outfit which was stitched from the fabric I bought the other day…it came out really nice and everywhere I go I get compliments from Indians. The colors are REALLY Indian and I could never where this at home, but everyone here thinks it is absolutely beautiful and very suited to me as far as the colors go. What do YOU think??


Monday, I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch before she goes back to Germany. I met her at the clinic as she was also doing a month of panchakarma. She has been coming regularly for 9 years! She is now 66 and retired, married, and a lovely lady. She is the one who helped me during the last few days Jacqueline was here with her broken arm. But she called in the morning to tell me she had to cancel, and so I changed my plans as well. I did a very thorough cleaning of my room before I begin my Reiki workshops, and began preparing for the first workshop which was supposed to begin today but will begin tomorrow instead. Had a horrible lunch (after some young Israeli kid recommended it…spinach mushroom burger…it was really bad!) but while sitting and talking with these young kids, I found two more people who want a workshop in Hebrew and they will begin on Sunday. I also did a full Reiki treatment to one of the girls who has not been feeling well for almost 2 months and then sent her to Dr. Arora for his advice and treatment. She is already feeling much better.

I don’t remember what happened that evening, so it could not have been very interesting.

Yesterday, I went to meet Rengard finally for lunch and we decided to

eat at the orphanage which you may remember my speaking about last year. An American woman runs it and one of their ways of making money is a restaurant. The food is cooked from fresh vegetables grown at the orphanage and they have the best fresh salads I’ve eaten not just in India but anywhere. Straight from the ground, and totally organic. So, we went there to eat (and it has always been expensive but this time it was really way too much….I paid 200 rupees for a meal which should have cost tops 80 rupees – but the money goes to the kids so I don’t really feel bad about it, although I will not be able to eat there as often as I’d like to). I had a lovely talk with Rengard up on the roof of the restaurant where we ate facing the mountains and the Ganga. While there, the woman in charge came up and I spoke to her about the possibility of doing Reiki for the kids. To my surprise, she was very happy with the idea. She herself does Reiki and helps the kids when they hurt themselves etc., but does not really have time to do this on a regular basis. So we decided that the best time of the day is when they finish school, around 3:30 and since I don’t need a special place, I will probably used the restaurant area which closes at 3 and has nice comfortable couches to lay down on. I told her I would do my best to come once a week, maybe more, but could not begin until next week when I finish my workshops which I’ve already scheduled. I think it will be a good thing for everyone involved, including me!

From there, Rengard took me down to see where Laxmi lives. I am supposed to go visit her, perhaps on Sunday if my workshop is over early enough, and now I know where she lives. She basically lives in the slums of Laxman Jhula and her living conditions are much worse than Devi’s, even though she basically has more money. She has recently purchased a (very) small piece of land up near Tapovan and with some money she will get from an inheritance (her parents house and land in the village is being sold and the money divided between 6 sisters) plus a mortgage she will get from the bank, she will be able to build a small house. I don’t really think it will be a big improvement on her current conditions as the two lots on either side of her are large and will surely have large two storey houses built on them which will close her in on both sides and block all the sun and light.

Right now however she lives in a sprawling slum area in what is basically one dark room with a kitchen outdoors. No toilet. And she lives in this room with her two children and her mother-in-law. One bed, a closet, a couple of small chairs and table and a TV.

From there, I found my way back out of the slum alone and back home where I cooked a batch of kicheri, enough for 2 days so I also have dinner for today. I came home and prepared workbooks in Hebrew (printed out one copy so I could take them to the printer), and pretty much got myself ready for the workshop which was to begin this morning. Then einat came up for a Reiki session, which was very powerful, we talked for awhile, and was getting ready to go to sleep when the phone rang.

The fellow, Suchil, Indian yoga instructor who knows me through Einat, was supposed to take the class by himself, and at the last minute yesterday he “bumped into a friend by chance”. Someone he hadn’t seen for some time who was visiting from Delhi where he now works as a massage therapist. He asked if he could join and obviously for everyone, it is better to do a workshop at least with one other person, but his friend could not begin today. We will therefore do 2 long days instead of 3 shorter ones. We met this morning, both very nice guys…gave them each a workbook to begin reading tonight and we will begin tomorrow morning at 10 and finish up on Friday.

After they came up this morning I went into the market with the Hebrew workbooks to take them to the printer hoping to have them done while I wait, but there was no electricity! And the shop is closed tomorrow so I will go back Friday evening or Saturday morning to pick them up for the workshop beginning on Sunday. Busy busy, but happy happy! I feel like I am really living, and also making some money as well.

From the market I came back and went down to eat in the Dahba I discovered when Ravin was here. On the way back home I stopped and gave Dr. Arora regards…and here is an interesting story!
Yesterday, while checking my mail, I found a comment from one of my blog posts. An Indian fellow living in Europe for the past 15 years, had come across my blog when I first began writing a couple of months ago, and has been following it faithfully every day since. Seems he was born here in Tapovan, and lived here until 15 years ago when he left for Europe. (I found out after wards who he is but will not mention it here to keep him anonymous). Well, he wrote me a comment (which he asked me to delete afterwards and I did), and asked me to give regards to some people here including Dr. Arora. Well, I did, and the people were EXTREMELY happy to get the regards and amazed at how they had come through me, and under what circumstances. The people I spoke to were very happy to know he was thinking of them and they all send regards back to him. This electronic world is quite amazing!!

I will take the rest of this day easy as I have a couple of big days ahead of me and then one day rest before the next workshop. If I don’t write for awhile now you will know why.

I am content, pleased with the way things are going here, but think of home often…moreso than in the past. I have been blessed with two beautiful lives and each one beckons to me to “come home” when I am away. It is wonderful, but certainly not always easy to reconcile.



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