Dec. 4-5, 2008 – First Reiki Workshop this Trip and a Reiki Workshop First for Me! And More “Just Living!”…As Well as a Special Treat

Dec. 4-5, 2008 – First Reiki Workshop this Trip and a Reiki Workshop First for Me! And More “Just Living!”…As Well as a Special Treat

First just a few more pictures my my visit to the Arora’s last week,

Doc with the Girls

Doc with the Girls

More Pics from Arora Visit

More Pics from Arora Visit

as well as a lovely sunset, and moonrise (notice the two stars close by…hope they can be seen…it was absolutely exquisite).



Moon Rise

Moon Rise

It is now Friday evening, and although it is chilly, I am still sitting out on my rooftop terrace enjoying the fresh air. The wind has not come up yet and so I just have to be dressed warmly, and covered in a new very large woolen shawel, more like a small blanket, to feel completely comfortable. I am getting more pleasure out of this rooftop than I could have imagined. In the morning I sit up here and eat my breakfast just as the sun comes up over the mountain top, and when it gets too warm on my face, I turn my back to it but still feel its warmth. Later in the day I sit in the shade enjoying the blue sky, the green mountains in the background and the wonderful clear mountain air. After 5 years of living in a flat in the city, this is the one great pleasure I miss. Having my own yard where I can sit outside whenever the weather is perfect. In the summer, after the sun goes down, and in the cooler weather, almost all day long. I do my food preparation outside, my reading, my eating, (when it is a little warmer in the mornings, also my yoga pranayama and meditation…but not now), my writing, and my relaxing. So the six months here will certainly give me full compensation for the time I miss at home without a yard of my own. I am now listening to music – today felt like classical – and another guy, Chinese, sitting up on the roof as well, has thanked me for making the evening just perfect with the addition of the lovely music.

A quick backtrack to yesterday. I began my Reiki workshop with the two young Indian guys, Sushil and Sandeep.

Good friends, both 25, and completely modern Indians, into the same things as any other healthy, full-blooded 25 year old male anywhere in the world. But the workshop with them was so intensely different than anything I’ve ever experienced before, it gave ME so much inspiration and energy, that they perhaps should have paid me for the amazing experience of teaching them. It is very difficult to explain in words, but after teaching them for two days, I understand the reason why so many Westerners are pulled again and again to India. What we spend our whole lives searching for, and if we are persistent and lucky enough, might even find, they just KNOW from the time they are born. They have a completely different understanding and perception of how the Universe works, how the world works, how we are all part of a Divine scheme…these things just ARE for them. So obvious that when the subject is approached, they simply don’t understand what all the fuss and bother is about. It is all obvious to them. And it is beautiful to see. These are not “religious” guys…just regular Indians…they pray to God, believe in His ability and desire to “take care” of us, really don’t worry about things the way Westerners do, take life as it comes as a matter of course, etc. They seem to be enveloped with these understandings that we work so hard to find. The true meaning of “shanti”, peace, is inherent in everything they do, in the way they react to life in general. I am not saying this all very well,

but it is powerful to experience first hand and leaves room for envy.

Their energy levels are also more flowing and accepting so that the whole experience of teaching them Reiki, which is energy work, is completely different than anything I’ve done in the past. In short, it was a perfect two days. They still behaved like young guys, forgetting to shut their cellphones (on purpose), needed frequent breaks in the lessons, joking with each other etc., but all in all it was the perfect balance of “spiritual” and fun to make it all something to look forward to again. Hopefully I will be privileged to teach Indians again at some point.

After the workshop I felt invigorated, energized and went out to speak to Dr. Arora about some small things that were bothering me, and to check the internet. I met einat there and we decided to go eat dinner together. It was HER last day of panchakarma so she wanted to celebrate and wound up eating all kinds of special things that she had been dreaming of for 3 weeks. (I simply had delicious pasta). The guy in the restaurant was so tickled by her continuing to order more and more things from the menu, and asked her why she was so hungry today. She told him she was celebrating, and he said when she was finished eating, he would help her celebrate more. At first we didn’t really know what he meant so didn’t think much about it, but when she ordered her last thing, a chocolate, banana pancake, and finished eating he, he came out of the kitchen and presented her with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup over it. From the picture, you can see who actually ate most of it!! And I really enjoyed myself….as you can also see.

Ice Cream Treat!

Ice Cream Treat!

Came back to my room thinking I would relax and watch a movie, when someone came calling my name. I went out and found a young girl asking me to come downstairs where a young guy was in agonizing pain, twisting on his bed and holding his side. We thought it might be appendicitis, but didn’t really know. I began doing Reiki for him and in about 10 minutes the worst of the pain had subsided, and in the meantime we spoke with Dr. Arora who said if it didn’t feel better in ½ hour to go to the doctor, and he recommended one. We asked the guest house to get a taxi and he was taken to the clinic in town where he got very good care and tests (this was 9:30 at night) and told that he probably had kidney stones and to come back in the morning for ultra-sound to confirm. He was given very strong pain killers to help him sleep and sure enough, the diagnosis was confirmed this morning. He’ll be fine, although the pain comes and goes.

Finally got to sleep late last night and up this morning for my rooftop breakfast of porridge before the 2nd day of the workshop.

Yesterday, one of the guys had his sister made stuffed paranthas for lunch for all of us which was lovely, and today we ordered lunch from downstairs which was also OK, and again, when the workshop ended so beautifully, I was fully energized. I had also gotten a Reiki treatment as part of the practice and was fully recharged. I went straight into town, picked up the new workbooks for the workshop that begins on Sunday (the same guy with the kidney stones and his girlfriend), and also did a little shopping for some small things I needed. And then past the vegetable market, and could not resist. I went from stall to stall and picked up all I need for a lovely pot of vegetable soup which I will make tomorrow.

I really enjoy having this option of being able to cook for myself if I feel like, or easily eating out when I don’t feel like cooking. It makes my life really carefree. I love my own cooking best to tell the truth, but there are definite advantages in being able to eat out whenever I feel like it, and I know certain things I particularly like in different restaurants.

On the way back from the market, I got into a rickshaw and there was a guy there who I know from the guesthouse, but he seemed to be in pain. Seems he had fallen in town in the exact same place that I almost fell a few days ago. He hurt his knee which was really paining him, so I went back with him to his guesthouse and did Reiki and it immediately felt better. (I have since done Reiki to him a second time just a short time ago up in my room before getting ready for bed…and promised another session tomorrow morning on my way out….it definitely helps!)

I ate my own kicheri this evening, and now am munching on fresh black grapes I picked up in the market today, and trying very hard to keep my hands off the fresh home made apple cake I have in my room, as well as the home made chocolates. It is VERY difficult…hoping the grapes will satisfy me, but I have a feeling they won’t.

And that’s about it for today. Tomorrow I SHOULD be getting a package off, but think I will take an easy day, get ready for Sunday’s workshop, make my vegetable soup, and just be lazy. It is Shabbat after all!!



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