Dec. 6,2008 – Day of “Rest”

Dec. 6,2008 – Day of “Rest”

Decided to stay home and take it easy today before beginning my next workshop tomorrow, but things have turned out differently. Very enjoyable, but different. When I finished my “morning stuff”, I decided it was time to change my linens, so I too by blankets out to air them in the sun and went downstairs to ask for clean linens.
To my great surprise, they were out of sheets!! But I had already thrown my dirty ones in the laundry, so I told them to look until they found something clean…which they did!! While downstairs, a young American guy came over and asked me if I am Jane…said yes, and he asked when he can do a workshop and come for a treatment. Soooo….tomorrow, when I finish day one of the workshop, I will give him a treatment, and he will do a full workshop next Thursday and Friday. He will look for someone, as will I, to join him, as it is always better if there are at least 2 people, and so I have another busy week ahead of me.

Finished changing my linens, all the time listening to Chopin, took a nice shower and then came back out on the terrace to eat my breakfast which I decided would be fruit today. Just then einat came up to join me and ordered her breakfast up here, and I saw, after two months of waiting, that the kitchen had prepared their famous homemade garlic cheese! I finished my breakfast of fruit, spoke to Einat for awhile, and then went down to have a treat of toasted brown roll, garlic cheese and masala chai! It was heaven. While down there I came across the guy who commented on my music yesterday. He is not Chinese (but it was dark last night). He is a Japanese fellow who has been living the last 25 years in Peru, and basically traveling the world. Very interesting fellow to talk to, but eventually I had to get on with my day. I bid him farewell, checked in on my kidney stone patient, who will also be doing the workshop tomorrow and then came upstairs to begin preparing my veggies for soup. I sat outside on the terrace, in the lovely breeze with the sun shining, and peeled, and chopped and grated to my heart’s content. Usually at home I rush to get this part of the cooking over with, but today I did it with complete mindfulness, being aware of everything around me and everything I was doing, and it was sooooooooo relaxing and pleasant. A true joyful blessing.

I got the soup up cooking, the room is filled with a lovely smell, I am now outside on the terrace writing this and soon the “kidney stone” guy will be up for Reiki. ….just finished a Reiki session with the soup bubbling away, will wait for it to finish cooking and then head down and get a few new books to read, have something to eat in a quiet place along the Ganga, and then go into the internet before heading up to relax for the rest of the day. It is now 1:30 so the day is well on its way, but it has been superb so far and am sure it will continue in the same lovely way.

Exchanged my books, went across Laxman Jhula for a Thali at a Dhaba, but it was not all that great, took a slow easy walk back up, and met a friend I hadn’t seen yet. He just got back today, and we always discuss healing and Reiki…so today I asked him to read my palm and he was quite amazing. I will try to remember all he said and write it up later this evening. I will be going back home shortly when I finish here and hope to have a quiet evening but have a feeling I will be doing a couple of more treatments before I get to my soup. Plan to eat it while watching a movie this evening before beginning work again tomorrow.



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