Dec. 7-8, 2008 – The Blessings of Mindfulness Rediscovered

Dec. 7-8, 2008 – The Blessings of Mindfulness Rediscovered

Yesterday I had a lovely day beginning with day one of a 3 day Reiki Workshop with two young Israelis. Again, a first for me as it is the first time I’ve taught a workshop to such young people. They are aged 21 and 22 but seem very open to new ideas. The morning was lovely and I was impressed with their intensity and willingness to open up to new ideas. Completely enjoyed myself. Then I had lunch and finished just in time for a full Reiki treatment for Ted, who will begin his workshop on Thursday with me.

When he was finished, and thoroughly pleased with the results (he has had Reiki often in the States so is not new to this type of healing), he asked how much the session was. I said I charge 300 rupees and he said: “What?!?! – that can’t be”. Now I thought this was a very reasonable price so was surprised by his reaction. In the end, he was surprised it was so little and insisted on my taking 500 rupees!! Nice!

Had a pleasant evening…including some coffee and apple cake in my room while watching the rest of “My Fair Lady” which I thoroughly enjoyed. Einat came up for awhile, not feeling well, and by 10 I was ready for bed. Read a little and slept beautifully until this morning, when I woke, had a nice breakfast of fresh fruit and toast with Tahini and honey. Got ready for day two of the workshop when all of a sudden Ilanit appeared at my door telling me that Oren was suffereing terrible pain again (They are the kids in the workshop, but he is also the guy who has the kidney stone problem). Seems the Reiki and the meds Dr. Arora gave him are working, but that means the stones are moving out and that I guess is very painful. So we cancelled the class today and I took advantage of my “day off” to take care of an errand which has been annoying me for weeks as I never seemed time to do it.

I needed to send off a parcel with the sandals I bought in Delhi as well as some cosmetics requested from Israel. I dreaded doing it but in the end it turned out to be simple, quick and straightforward. Couldn’t get one thing I wanted to include, but that will go in the next parcel.

I then found myself sitting and relaxing in Little Buddha restaurant and once again enjoying the energies of the place.

I have been feeling extremely mindful the last couple of days. Whatever I do seems to have new aliveness for me. The sunrise, the birds, the breeze, the swaying trees, the monkeys, the cows, the jeeps and motorbikes. The swish of clothes as women walk past, the call of the hawker’s as they try to sell their wares. The smell of incense and garbage, masala chai and home made pasta sauce. The written words in the books I am reading. The taste of food whether it is chai or fresh black grapes. The music I listen too, even the water I drink or the caressing hot shower in the morning. Everything seems to have potency. And my feelings of gratitude for this feeling of new, heightened awareness leading to higher levels of joy are extremely deep and powerful. I try to live this way every day of my life, and teach the practice to as many people as I can, but it seems to come naturally the last while, almost effortlessly, which is how it SHOULD be.

A true blessing.

And just to complete the above…I just prepared a wonderful meal, and, just like a couple of days ago when I described my joy in preparing vegetables for soup while sitting outdoors, today I also enjoyed each moment of the preparation. From chopping the onions, grating the garlic and tomatoes, adding spices to the mixture in the bowl, measuring out the pasta, grating the cheese to add. Using my new frying pan for the first time, listening to the sound of the garlic and onions sautéing , and the tomatoes adding their fragrance and liquid to the mixture. Patiently waiting for it to be ready so I could use the one gas burner to prepare the pasta. Water boiling, pasta cooking, and then draining it in the colander. Even washing the dishes and pots…all done mindfully and joyfully. Finally adding the cheese, ghee and sauce to the cooked pasta, blessing and Reikiing it, and then: WOW! This is the best pasta I’ve eaten in months…certainly since coming to India. I DO love my own cooking, but this dish was exceptionally delicious. I can still taste the flavors and textures.

What a true joy!



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