Dec. 8, 2008…And Interesting Story to Tell and A Taste of My Beautiful Sunrises

Dec. 8, 2008…And Interesting Story to Tell and A Taste of My Beautiful Sunrises

When I went down today to get the remaining items I needed for the parcel I was sending off, one of the shops I went into was one that sells Ayurveda health care products and cosmetics. I’ve been there very often over the last 2 years and the salesman knows me. But this time there was another gentleman there…I don’t use the term lightly. A very respectable looking Indian man, dressed in suit and tie, reminding me very much of Dr. Arora when he gets dressed up…it was obvious that he was someone important.

I made my purchases, and as I was getting ready to leave, the gentleman asked the salesman something and I felt they were talking about me and I recognized enough words to know that he was asking if it was possible for him to do something regarding me. And the salesman said it was ok. I turned around and before I realized what had happened, he had bent down, touch my feet and then his forehead…a sign of deep respect in India usually used with young people toward older family members, or highly respected individuals. Thanks to watching Indian soap operas for about a year, I was aware of the significance of this gesture. It happened to me once before in Delhi when one of the workers did this to me also. At the time I was too stunned to say anything or ask anything.

But this time I looked at the gentleman, a little embarrassed, and ask him why he did that. At first he thought I wanted an explanation of the gesture and began to explain, but I told him I know it is a sign of deep respect, but wondered why he did it to me!? He said because I am a respected new customer, but I said I’ve been shopping there for 2 years…and the salesman confirmed that fact. (I now assume he is the doctor who owns the place). So then he looked at me for a second, trying to determine I guess if he could tell me the real reason, and then he did. He said sometimes we are told to do things by God, and when this happens, we don’t ask questions, we just do it. He said God told him to show me the greatest sign of respect he could and so he did! I was quite surprised. I told him I also never question messages I get from God – but still was not quite sure what it all meant. He said he could sense special loving energies around me, and understood that God was confirming this and telling him I deserve great respect. Nice.

I mentioned that I sit out each morning to eat my breakfast as the sun is rising over the mountains. I hope this series of pictures give you some idea as to the glory and grace I feel each morning. And to FEEL the sun warming my face is just wonderful after the chill of the early morning! After about 20 minutes, I can no longer sit facing the sun, and then begin warming my back as well. What a wonderful way to begin each day!


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