Dec. 9, 2008 – Ambiance, Culinary Highlights and Being of Service and Reiki

December 10, 2008

Dec. 9, 2008 – Ambiance, Culinary Highlights and Being of Service and Reiki

Wish you could hear the sounds of the Ganga I am hearing right now. I am sitting at a new restaurant just below a Temple in a quiet place, with glass tops tables and unusually clean environment, tiled floors and of course to see and hear the river below…can’t beat this for ambience.

And then, came the meal! I haven’t written much this blog about the food I eat because most of it has been uninspiring to say the least. I much prefer what I cook for myself. But this meal…well. I couldn’t decide what I wanted. They had the typical Rishikesh menu…nothing unusual listed. I normally would have had Pasta but I just had my own wonderful pasta the evening before. So I decided to get Shakshuka, which I always enjoy in the afternoon and cannot be really bad. Well, usually, a portion of shakshuka, which includes just the sauce with two eggs in it (or first fried and then plopped on top by those who don’t really know what shakshuka is), and two chapatti or pieces of bread costs 80 rupees. This one was listed for 75, but included the following: shakshuka REALLY cooked with the eggs IN it, a large fresh Israeli vegetable salad, two REAL pitas, chips and , believe it or now, a side portion of hoummous!!! There was no way I could eat all that food, but it was all so delicious, (which I had my camera to take a pic of was also presented beautifully) that I ate a lot more than I normally would, and remained Read the rest of this entry »

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