Dec. 9, 2008 – Ambiance, Culinary Highlights and Being of Service and Reiki

Dec. 9, 2008 – Ambiance, Culinary Highlights and Being of Service and Reiki

Wish you could hear the sounds of the Ganga I am hearing right now. I am sitting at a new restaurant just below a Temple in a quiet place, with glass tops tables and unusually clean environment, tiled floors and of course to see and hear the river below…can’t beat this for ambience.

And then, came the meal! I haven’t written much this blog about the food I eat because most of it has been uninspiring to say the least. I much prefer what I cook for myself. But this meal…well. I couldn’t decide what I wanted. They had the typical Rishikesh menu…nothing unusual listed. I normally would have had Pasta but I just had my own wonderful pasta the evening before. So I decided to get Shakshuka, which I always enjoy in the afternoon and cannot be really bad. Well, usually, a portion of shakshuka, which includes just the sauce with two eggs in it (or first fried and then plopped on top by those who don’t really know what shakshuka is), and two chapatti or pieces of bread costs 80 rupees. This one was listed for 75, but included the following: shakshuka REALLY cooked with the eggs IN it, a large fresh Israeli vegetable salad, two REAL pitas, chips and , believe it or now, a side portion of hoummous!!! There was no way I could eat all that food, but it was all so delicious, (which I had my camera to take a pic of was also presented beautifully) that I ate a lot more than I normally would, and remained
stuffed until about 8 in the evening when all had was a fruit salad before going to sleep. It was probably the “culinary highlight” of my trip so far.

And then came the surprising event of the evening…perhaps of the whole trip so far. After lunch I had headed down to the orphanage to do Reiki to the kids only to find that no one had expected me (even though I told them I would be there) and no one knew anything about any kids who needed Reiki etc. I left my phone number and asked them next time to call and tell me when they wanted me to come and I would gladly be there.

Headed back home, did my internet stuff and then up to my room to relax…or at least so I thought. Just as I got ready to read my book, I received a text message from Amir, the guy who works here, asking if he could come for Reiki. I answered yes, whenever he had time during the evening, and 5 minutes later there was a knock. I though it was him but it was someone else who had heard of me an came asking for first aid for his stomach. I did a quick 20 minute session on him and told him to go see Dr. Arora the following morning and then come back for another session. By then I was ready to just rest, when I realized I had promised someone I would be at the internet at 6:30 to talk them on Skype. It was now 7:15…so I ran down to the internet and began talking to my friend. All of a sudden, someone sits down next to me and asks if I can help him. And here is the story, in the shortest version possible.

For the last 5 days or so, people have been talking about a young Israeli guy who seems to have taken some bad acid or other drugs and was in a very bad state, many people saying he should go home immediately. I had met him briefly a few days ago while speaking with a group of people, and he simply sat in the circle but said nothing. But I found him staring intensely at me with his amazing blue eyes, and it was so spooky that I had to look away. Only later did I realize that this was the guy everyone was worried about.

Well, he approached me in the internet place and simply asked me if I could make all the arrangements for him to get back home as soon as possible as he was unable to do this himself. I still don’t know exactly what made him approach me, but afterward, he mentioned to someone that I reminded him of his Mother. And after speaking to his Mother, I can understand that. She is also an American living in Israel and probably has the same accent in Hebrew as I do.

Anyway, the first thing we did was call his Mother, and I spoke to her and explained, as gently as possible, the situation, which she was completely unaware of. I told her to see if she could change his flight via the Tel Aviv office of his airlines, and gave her my cellphone to call me back as soon as she knew something. During this time, I got the fellow a room right near mine, and made arrangements, at his mother’s request, for someone to escort him to the airport and make sure he gets on the plane in Delhi. I also arranged for someone to spend the night with him and the following day (today) so he would not be alone. This proved to be a good idea, as another friend of mine, a psychologist, finally spoke to him and felt he was in a full blown state of psychosis and could be dangerous to himself. She also spoke to his mother, and the bottom line is, first they thought his father would meet him in Instanbul (there are no direct flights from Delhi to Tel Aviv) after he was under constant supervision during the flight (as a child might be). But in the end, it was decided that his father would come all the way to Delhi and the guy would meet him at his hotel in Delhi and then fly home to Israel all the way with his father. This was all done with many phone calls yesterday evening and into the night. Now we are just waiting to hear that the father got an emergency visa, but it will be several hours yet until we know for sure. I will make the taxi reservations for him, have reserved the hotel and airport pickup for his father, and so far everything is in place. The young guy feels much better, he is relieved and more relaxed and happy to be going home, even smiling a little. It is all very frightening and very sad. He is lucky there are so many loving and caring people around here to take care of him and get him back to his father safely.

It is now the following morning, the 10th, and I am waiting to begin my Reiki class. Afterwards I am to go to Devi’s house to see her Mother’s new sari…I will treat her to lunch on the way I think. All of course, if I am not needed here for anything else.

So my days, and nights, are busy, but it is a good feeling to know I can be of service …I have another Reiki workshop beginning tomorrow, and then hope to have a few days rest. The guy who came to me for his stomach said his mother is arriving for a visit in 10 days and he wants to do a workshop together with her.

I am busy…busier than I am even at home, with many people coming to me for minor ills and pains, but I am feeling very good at having found a place for myself.

Will write more about my visit with Devi…also had a new “patient” waiting for me when I got home and she wants to begin a class in Hebrew next week with 1-3 other friends. The story with the guy is taken care of…he will be leaving tomorrow morning to leave for Delhi where his father will be waiting to take him home.

I hope to relax this evening…It’s been very hectic the last two days…nice hectic, but still hectic. I’d love to have this much work at home…



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