Dec. 10-15 – Summary…More Details to Come

December 15, 2008

I haven’t written in almost a week. It is now the 15th of December, and last I posted it was the 9th!. So, I am well, happy, busy and perfectly content with each moment, and have no inclination to sit down and write about all these things. There is just toooooo much , at least for now. Hopefully I will get it all documented over the next week, as I have decided to take some “vacation time” for myself, although I have a review workshop on Wednesday but that is only 3 hours.

So I will just give you a short idea of what I’ve done each day since I last wrote, and when ever I get around to it, will post details and pictures.

I’ll begin with December 10th:

Wednesday: Finished a Reiki workshop and then went to Devi’s house to see her Mother’s new Sari. I treated her to lunch (she ordered pizza, which she brought most of home to share with her family), and will write more about this amazing family soon.

Thursday: Began a two day Reiki class, while still dealing with the issue I mentioned in my last post for the next 3 days until the fellow got back to Israel.

Friday: Finished the Reiki workshop and then went to Lashmi for dinner with Einat. Amazing evening which I will also write more about and send pics.

Saturday: Breakfast at a very special restaurant where I met an Indian research student and spent 2 hours talking to him and helping him with his research and more. Then Had lunch with Reingard, the German friend who left yesterday to go back home.

Sunday: Ted, a Reiki student, took me for another lovely ride by motorbike down to a beach and up to the mountains.

Monday: finally got up into the mountains here when the Japanese guy I mentioned took me up to an amazing waterfall. Will also write much more about this experience and post lovely pics and a short video (for the sound effects) if at all possible.

That’s it for today. I simply find the computer a distraction these days, but just wanted you all to know I am fine and only wonderful, blessed things are happening to me each and every day.


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