Many things have unveiled themselves to me during this journey, but I don’t know if I will be posting them here, as they are quite personal. Amazing things have been brought to my awareness and brought me new serenity on many levels. But there are a couple of insights which I can share with you all which once again give us clear examples of the beautiful and mysterious ways in which God and the Universe work to provide us with all we need, even while we are going through difficult lessons and periods of our lives. Even if we do not at the moment comprehend all that is happening, when viewed objectively, the series of synchronicities which bring all different people together in different circumstances, can not be denied and give us definite understandings of the blessings we are always being surrounded with.

You will remember the story of the young guy who was in a very difficult situation and needed to get home as quickly as possible. He found himself, “luckily and by chance”, in a supportive atmosphere with many loving and caring people around him, all ready to help as necessary. He could have found himself far away from others, all alone, with no way of getting help, but this is NOT where he was when his personal crisis surfaced. He was provided, in his moment of desperate need, with a “mother” to take care of him, a psychologist to treat him, and an escort to accompany back to his family. These things can be seen as just chance encounters, but the fact that ALL of these people were available, all together in the same place, at the same time (and have since all left the area-except for the Mother (me)) just at the moment when needed, is all too much to be just chance. The entire story was put into play long before it all came together in one full picture. People had to make plans to come to India, to come to Rishikesh, to stay in this particular area, to become acquainted with each other etc. Quite complicated to be seen as chance. And for me a very profound lesson in how our needs are always met, long before we even know we will have these needs!!

Second example of the same type of idea, is the story of the sweet guy who fell into the sewer ditch (I think I mentioned this) while shopping with his wife in Rishikesh Market, and injured his leg just below the knee. They were getting very good care and treatment by the local doctors and hospital, but had to make a decision about continuing treatment here or going home as their insurance company was urging them to do. There were two conflicting opinions about necessary treatment, one involving surgery, the other not, and they were at a point of great confusion, and needing to make a decision quickly. “By chance”, a physiotherapist from Israel checked into the room right next door to theirs!!! She assessed the situation, started him on physiotherapy and gave her expert opinion about the nature of the injury and the treatment necessary. All this made their decision to stay in India possible, continuing treatment here under her guidance, and afterwards, in a facility available in the next place they will be going. She taught him how to maneuver with his leg in a metal brace keeping his leg straight 24 hours a day for 3 weeks, and how to get around on crutches so that they could move on to a new, more pleasant destination for the recuperation period. Just a beautiful encounter….

And one more thing:
A friend I met here, the Japanese guy who took me on my first mountain “trek” last week, during a discussion we were having, made the following observation. We were talking about “give and take” in relationships and he commented that he does not like the idea of give and take, as “give” implies that one person is giving but the receiver is not necessarily happy about “getting” what is being given. It is the action of the giver, so that he feels more comfortable afterwards about “taking”. My friend prefers the wording: “Receive and take”. Think about it. It is quite profound and makes much more sense.

And that’s it for this post



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