Dec 22-24 – Good Evenings and Surprising Insights and Events

December 24, 2008

Dec 22-24 – Good Evenings and Surprising Revelations

Evening…dec. 22

Just before I got ready to go out this afternoon, when the sun had come out for a short while (there was a distinct winter nip in the air for the first time), a lady came to my room wanting to make an appointment for a Reiki treatment and Tarot reading for herself and her friend. I agreed to meet her at 6 but told her that her friend would have to come the next day. And then I set off to check out a jewelry shop I had never been at when I saw some very original pieces a girl here bought yesterday. Well, this shop was amazing. The women there makes everything herself, and everything is made from high quality gemstones…some pieces are very expensive, but most are reasonable for even me.

So, once again, I bought jewelry, and even put a couple of more pieces aside and will go get them in a couple of days.

This evening I had a lovely Reiki session and Tarot reading, and once again, when I mentioned my price, the lady insisted on giving me more money than I asked for. All very nice. Her friend is coming tomorrow evening as well.

And just as I finished eating the lovely cheese pasta I had made, two people came to reserve a workshop beginning tomorrow for the next two days.

Which all goes to prove, that ANYTHING I want for myself I can have and there will always be enough money to pay for it!! And more….

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