Dec 22-24 – Good Evenings and Surprising Insights and Events

Dec 22-24 – Good Evenings and Surprising Revelations

Evening…dec. 22

Just before I got ready to go out this afternoon, when the sun had come out for a short while (there was a distinct winter nip in the air for the first time), a lady came to my room wanting to make an appointment for a Reiki treatment and Tarot reading for herself and her friend. I agreed to meet her at 6 but told her that her friend would have to come the next day. And then I set off to check out a jewelry shop I had never been at when I saw some very original pieces a girl here bought yesterday. Well, this shop was amazing. The women there makes everything herself, and everything is made from high quality gemstones…some pieces are very expensive, but most are reasonable for even me.

So, once again, I bought jewelry, and even put a couple of more pieces aside and will go get them in a couple of days.

This evening I had a lovely Reiki session and Tarot reading, and once again, when I mentioned my price, the lady insisted on giving me more money than I asked for. All very nice. Her friend is coming tomorrow evening as well.

And just as I finished eating the lovely cheese pasta I had made, two people came to reserve a workshop beginning tomorrow for the next two days.

Which all goes to prove, that ANYTHING I want for myself I can have and there will always be enough money to pay for it!! And more….

More tomorrow…continue reading…lots more in this post
Dec. 23, 2008 – Another Evening after Work

Had a lovely day…first day of a Reiki workshop for a guy and his Mother. Very powerful energies and great fun as well. As with everything else in life, the more we do something, the easier it gets and the better we get at it. Same for Reiki Workshops…

The weather has definitely turned and winter is in the air. If the sun was out, it would be fine, but it is still foggy and cloudy and quite cold. My room is still nice and warm thankfully however, so I am not complaining. Now eating my hot kicheri and listening to music. (kicheri turned out to be “off” so I’ve ordered vegetable biryani from downstairs…this is one of the reasons I stay here even though it is more expensive…I have the option always of ordering room service if I feel like it) I finished the workshop at around 4, went down for a few minutes to internet, and at 5 had someone in for a Tarot reading. Wonderful! And she also insisted on paying me much more than I asked.

Dec. 24 – morning – Just a comment about the above session. Both of these ladies are Irish, and the Irish are really big in their connection with angels, fairies and the spirit world. And both of then spoke with me about this. The one who came this evening, asked me if I “see anyone” with her. At first I replied that no, I don’t and explained that this is not part of “what I do”. She seemed to insist and so I decided to take a “real look” at and around her and just “be” with what I felt. And to my enormous surprise, almost instantly I felt the presence of two entities just hovering near her right shoulder. And I told her so. She then asked me to describe them, but I said that I don’t really see them, just feel their presence. Again she persisted, so I “looked” again, and then, suddenly, I knew what they looked like, and hesitantly told her what I felt. She began to weep and said I had just given her a perfect description of her Mother and Grandmother, who she always felt were with her (her mother passed away 2 ½ years ago and her grandmother last year), but had never had this confirmed before. Apparently I “saw” them exactly as they were in life! Now, I still question these things when they happen to me, but there was no mistaking her tears of recognition and gratitude for the validation of their presence she received from me. I very often feel my Father, as well as my dear friend Abdellah with me. But I KNOW what they look like and KNOW it is them. So this was an entirely different situation.

I began thinking about this this morning, and realized that these souls are always with us, but that we are unable or unwilling to be receptive and open enough to interact with them in any way. I can only imagine that my own intense work with mindfulness during this sojourn in India has had its impact on my perceptions. My own sense of being completely in the moment as much as possible and being aware of EVERYTHING that is happening, or just BEING with all, has heightened all my senses as well as opened me to all possibilities, and that is why, once I truly opened myself to accept, and really focused on EVERYTHING present in the room at that moment, I was able to “see” these two women who accompanied the lady to her Tarot reading. Really nice how things all come together!

Back to the evening of the 23rd!
Tomorrow day two of the workshop, and then I will head off to pick up the rest of the jewelry I picked yesterday. Unless of course it is still this cold and then I will not go out at 4 in the afternoon. Just too cold for me. It will wait until Thursday, when I also have a business meeting about the new company I mentioned a couple of days ago. They seem to be serious. Could be nice. No expectations, just waiting to see where it goes for them and for me.

It Is now 10 PM and my room has just emptied out. A group of 5 young Israeli kids decided to spend the evening in my room which was warmer than the place they were sitting before. They sat here now for about 2 hours and actually enjoyed my music, a mixture of older Israeli songs I happened to be listening to, and sang along, finding it difficult to leave, but finally had to leave to get back and pack as they are all leaving early tomorrow morning. It was very pleasant to spend the couple of hours with them…now that the weather is colder, I will be spending apparently more time indoors, so the diversion was nice.


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