Dec. 27, 2008 – Sunbathing on the Roof and More Entities

Dec. 27, 2008 – Sunbathing on the Roof and More Entities

After a pleasant supper, dessert and “television” last night, went contentedly t sleep, thinking about the day just past. One thing I didn’t write about was another encounter with “entities”…but first, this morning.

Woke up later than usual, but had a very intense meditation, pranayama/ mantra session, as I have been having more and more frequently the past few weeks. I had decided that after breakfast I would go into the market to get some ‘healthy” sweets (I’ve been nibbling on cakes and chocolates when the need for sweet arises, and the ones the Dr. recommended, the ladoos made from chickpeas, are much healthier for me). While there I had planned to either go to the cosmetician for a pampering facial and manicure/pedicure, or begin shooping for fabric. I need another winter shalwal kameeze, and have also decided to get myself something for my sons wedding. Want it to be special, with a taste of India, but not so much so that it will not

be suitable at home. So I’ve decided to look for nice fabric, and then either have it made into a top here and have them stitch me a nice pair of contrasting trousers, or just buy the fabric and have it stitched at home. Still not sure. And my future daughter-in-law who wants to stitch her own wedding dress, asked me also to find fabric for her (this I think will be very difficult, but I will look for a really nice white sari and worse comes to sores, she will not use the fabric.

I came outside onto the roof terrace to eat my apple/cinnamon / dried fruit porridge (which I cook eachmorningn), and the sun was so caressing that I decided to hand around for awhile and enjoy it. One thing lead to another, I wound up doing my own pedicure/manicure out in the sun. And then I was so warm, that I stripped down to my tank top and sat out to sunbathe, which I am still doing as I write this! It’s been almost an hour and it is magnificent.. I will proably just hang around here for awhile longer, as a breeze is not coming up, which is even more refreshing, finish my writing for the day, do some reading, and then head out for a nice lunch someplace. (It is now after 12 in the afternoon).

So, to the entity story. I was telling a friend here the story of the Irish lady and her mother and grandmother who I somehow perceived, and she insisted that I check to see if someone was with her as well. I declined, but she persisted in her request. I was not comfortable with this anymore than I was the first time, but she continued urging me to at least try and so I did. I again just let everything go and looked “around” her. To my great surprise, I began getting a message or a feeling of someone hear her left shoulder, expressing his longing, or missing her, and wishing her closer to him. But not in the way of a relationship or love. She did not appreciate this and asked for “more” but I had no more. This was all I could understand…his wanteing her nearer to him and his longing for her. So she asked what he looked again and tell her what he looked like. Again, my determination to be unable to do this, and her insistence. Well, I then “saw” him and what I gave her was a perfect description of the director of an overseas ashram she has been contemplating joining for several months now. I saw his height, clothing, and even described his smile (without actually seeing any face) and she was completely amazed, as was I when she told me who I was describing toher!!

Have no idea where the rest of this day will take me, but have desire to ove from this chair in the sun, with my music playing, the Ganga and mountains in the distance, and the breeze gently cooling me each time the heat of the sun becomes too intense.

Doubt I will wind up in the market today. Don’t want to spoil the beautify of the day with shopping, which I hate!

So will end here. Tomorrow I will fill you in on anything of interest that may still occur today.


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