Dec. 14, 2008 – backtracking…..The Walk to the Waterfall

December 29, 2008

Dec. 14, 2008 – backtracking…..The Walk to the Waterfall


Today is actually December 29th and it would seem that it would be difficult to recount this day from almost two weeks ago, but it is so etched in my mind, I could write about it in two months time as well, with no trouble.


This Japanese fellow had asked me several times to go with him “up to the mountains”. (only later did I find out that he not only spends a good part of his life trekking all over the world, he also made a documentary film which was sold to Discovery Channel, among others. There are very few places in the world he hasn’t been, always traveling when possible with non-motorized transportation. Walking, bicycle, kyack, dog sleds, reindeer sleds, etc. He has an amazing life story and if I had known all this about him beforehand, I doubt I would have agreed to go with him on this walk. It would have been too intimidating. He is also a trekking guide, and this is one of the reasons the waterfall trek was so enjoyable with him, although I didn’t realize that until later on). So, he continued to look for me on a day when I wasn’t working, and that was difficult to catch, but he finally did, and we agreed to go to the waterfall the next morning. I was a little nervous but he seemed pleased with the idea.

Second Waterfall

Second Waterfall

He came to get me at 10 in the morning, and although he was wearing only a thin cotton shirt and trousers and sandals, I was wearing a couple of layers of clothing including a sweatshirt with hood, warm jeans and walking shoes. I was also carrying a shawl in case I got cold! I asked if he thought I needed all these clothes and he told me to take whatever I felt comfortable with and he would carry it later on if necessary. It was really cold that morning, so I wore it all. I was happy when we first left as even with the clothes on, the wind was very strong and I was not warm at all. He himself was shivering and when I asked if he wanted my shawl, he said no, since shivering is the body’s natural way of warming up and soon he would be fine. Which he was! Not more than 15 minutes into the walk, (there is a full gallery of beautiful pictures at the end of this post. It is just taking too long to post them one by one in the appropriate places…sorry Read the rest of this entry »

Dec. 28, 2008 – Just Another Day and the Law of Attraction at Work (As Always)

December 29, 2008

Dec. 28, 2008 – Just Another Day and the Law of Attraction at Work (As Always)

Woke to another lovely morning…weather is beautiful again…sunny and just enough of a slight breeze. After finishing my morning stuff and breakfast and shower, it was already 10:30, and had to decide what errands I would do today. Each different thing was in a completely different area and in the end decided to take a rickshaw into the market, to get my sweets and check out fabrics at the shops. Well, the original idea was to see if I could find Dani fabric for her wedding dress and myself fabric for the wedding, but htat turned out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined. I made the mistake of telling them I needed it for my son’s wedding, but wanted something simple. Well, you should have seen what the simple fabrics were!! They are extremely beautiful but nothing either Dani or I would ever wear. I wouldn’t even wear something like that in India. But the truth is, the Indian women I have seen dressed for weddings, particularly the brides, but the guests as well, look absolutely exquisite! And sooooo feminine. I then changed tactics and just asked for nice white silk sarees and they were able to find one which MIGHT have been suitable for dani’s needs, but I will speak toher first. This was pure silk with hand sewn embroidered borders, 7 full meters of fabric, for about 100 rupees. This is considered expensive as it is silk, even though it is not beaded and sequined. For myself I found nothing suitable yet, but will try other shops as well.

However, while there, I was shown some beautiful winter fabrics. I have wanted to get another suit for myself, as the warm one I have is so comfortable but I cannot wear it everyday. I would love too however. Indian women are very smart. The suits are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever Read the rest of this entry »

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