Dec. 28, 2008 – Just Another Day and the Law of Attraction at Work (As Always)

Dec. 28, 2008 – Just Another Day and the Law of Attraction at Work (As Always)

Woke to another lovely morning…weather is beautiful again…sunny and just enough of a slight breeze. After finishing my morning stuff and breakfast and shower, it was already 10:30, and had to decide what errands I would do today. Each different thing was in a completely different area and in the end decided to take a rickshaw into the market, to get my sweets and check out fabrics at the shops. Well, the original idea was to see if I could find Dani fabric for her wedding dress and myself fabric for the wedding, but htat turned out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined. I made the mistake of telling them I needed it for my son’s wedding, but wanted something simple. Well, you should have seen what the simple fabrics were!! They are extremely beautiful but nothing either Dani or I would ever wear. I wouldn’t even wear something like that in India. But the truth is, the Indian women I have seen dressed for weddings, particularly the brides, but the guests as well, look absolutely exquisite! And sooooo feminine. I then changed tactics and just asked for nice white silk sarees and they were able to find one which MIGHT have been suitable for dani’s needs, but I will speak toher first. This was pure silk with hand sewn embroidered borders, 7 full meters of fabric, for about 100 rupees. This is considered expensive as it is silk, even though it is not beaded and sequined. For myself I found nothing suitable yet, but will try other shops as well.

However, while there, I was shown some beautiful winter fabrics. I have wanted to get another suit for myself, as the warm one I have is so comfortable but I cannot wear it everyday. I would love too however. Indian women are very smart. The suits are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever

worn, and in the winter, I can wear as many layers of warm clothing underneath and still look “normal” once the sit is worn over the layers. And if really needed, I can put a sweater or jacket on top just as the Indian ladies do, although that looks really silly if you ask me so I try not to do it.

So, I found this really lovely fabric…the guy who served me last time and again this time, seems to know exactly what I like and what colors are good for me. This is a handwoven kashmiri wool swirl kind of pattern in varying shades of purple, lilac, pink, red etc., has purple fabric for the pants and a patterned warm shawel as the dupatta. I won’t be bringing any of these things home as I will not wear them in Israel, so will try to take a picture of this one as well once it is done tomorrow.

After having a light lunch near my guesthouse, I came up and took a short nap. When I woke up, and just as I was about to prepare tea and have one of my ladoos (sweets), two ladies came up on the roof and asked if I’m the “reiki lady”. I said yes, and they asked for treatments. But they were leaving in the morning, so it would have to be right now. It was then 4, and I really wanted my tea and ladoo, so asked them if they could come at 5. They had yoga, but decided to skip it and come to me instead. So, one came at 5, and the other at 6:30. I worked until close to 8, giving two very powerful sessions and then realized what had just happened.

I had spent money this morning for clothing, and felt completely happy about giving this new outfit to myself, not worrying about where the money would come from for a second. And this evening, I earned enough money to cover the entire cost of the outfit! The law of attraction always works for us, but when it works immediately, it is still very exciting to see it in action.

Just as I finished, one of the nice Irish ladies came up for a chat, she ordered her dinner up in my room while I cooked my pasta, and it is now 10 o’clock and she has left. We had a lovely talk about many interesting things. She is a lady I could imagine being friends with if we lived anywhere near each other. Maybe she is someone I could visit if I ever went to Ireland (or Scotland where she also lives).

So, another wonderful day. I will now curl up in bed with a nice hot cup of tea, again, and watch a little “TV” and then off to sleep.


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