Dec. 31, 2008 – WAR from Afar

Dec. 31, 2008 – WAR from Afar

This will be short but not sweet. Experiencing a state of war taking place in your home country, when you are far away, where your children and grandchildren are living in a war zone, is one of the most difficult things there is. And with distinct mixed blessing of having the world at our finger tips via internet, I can listen to and watch the news whenever I feel like going down to the internet café. It is truly a mixed blessing having access to the world. My eldest daughter and her family who have already been traumatized by terrorism in the past, are now living right in the part of the country that is in direct line of rockets. So the children have been sent to stay with family in the North and now I “only” have to concern myself with her and her husband traveling to and from work each day, and the impact of this separation on her children. Hopefully it will be over soon.

My very good friend also lives even closer to the Gaza strip on a kibbutz which has been targeted for rockets for months now, and has had one fatality so far from a direct hit. A couple of days ago a rocket landed on her front lawn. The entire kibbutz has been evacuated to the north and she is now leaving for London for a 2 week stay, hoping it will quiet down before she gets back, or she will have to stay with family up North for the duration as well.

I of course am also thinking about my son and sons-in-law being called up in case there will be extended fighting, and can only pray that it will be over shortly with as little loss as possible, and with positive results for the future.

God willing….the coming NewYear will bring good things for all of us and the whole world…peace, love, harmony and understanding, acceptance, patience and tolerance , good health joy and laughter for all.


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