January 1, 2009!!! Happy New Year!

January 2, 2009

January 1, 2009!!! Happy New Year!

Well, my last post was kind of depressing and I ask your forgiveness, but this blog is not meant to tell only the good stuff. It is supposed to be a journal of my experiences, and these include difficult days as well. Just the other day I wrote a post telling of the importance of all things in order to appreciate our life fully. So the last few days have been difficult, the emotions manifesting themselves as headaches, which I’ve had for the last few days almost continuously. I generally don’t experience headaches anymore in my life, so this surprised me. But I’ve been working through the emotions relating to the situation at home, with my country and my family, and the headache seems to be waning this evening. I cannot say I am in the greatest of moods but slowly I am returning to my balance.

Life is good, the seasons change, we move from periods of quiet to periods of war, from peace to struggle, from quiet to noise, from hot to cold, from joy to sadness, but always try our best to be in harmony with each day and to be grateful for what each day brings. Knowing that all is happening exactly as it should, when it should and how it should. Tears and sadness making way for joy and laughter which are so much more appreciated when they return.

Last night there was a New Year’s Eve party here, but I didn’t go. I never like parties anyway, don’t drink and it was also VERY cold…and with the way I was feeling, I crawled into bed to keep warm and watched some “TV” before going to sleep with earplugs which kept the party away from me completely. Slept well until the morning.

I was supposed to have my heater last night, but did not. So today I went out myself, purchased a new heater and gave the bill Read the rest of this entry »

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