January 1, 2009!!! Happy New Year!

January 1, 2009!!! Happy New Year!

Well, my last post was kind of depressing and I ask your forgiveness, but this blog is not meant to tell only the good stuff. It is supposed to be a journal of my experiences, and these include difficult days as well. Just the other day I wrote a post telling of the importance of all things in order to appreciate our life fully. So the last few days have been difficult, the emotions manifesting themselves as headaches, which I’ve had for the last few days almost continuously. I generally don’t experience headaches anymore in my life, so this surprised me. But I’ve been working through the emotions relating to the situation at home, with my country and my family, and the headache seems to be waning this evening. I cannot say I am in the greatest of moods but slowly I am returning to my balance.

Life is good, the seasons change, we move from periods of quiet to periods of war, from peace to struggle, from quiet to noise, from hot to cold, from joy to sadness, but always try our best to be in harmony with each day and to be grateful for what each day brings. Knowing that all is happening exactly as it should, when it should and how it should. Tears and sadness making way for joy and laughter which are so much more appreciated when they return.

Last night there was a New Year’s Eve party here, but I didn’t go. I never like parties anyway, don’t drink and it was also VERY cold…and with the way I was feeling, I crawled into bed to keep warm and watched some “TV” before going to sleep with earplugs which kept the party away from me completely. Slept well until the morning.

I was supposed to have my heater last night, but did not. So today I went out myself, purchased a new heater and gave the bill

to the guest house with their consent. So I am now sitting in my room, with the heater right nearby, listening to music, drnking a hot drink, playing games and feeling cozy and warm. The weather has really turned wintry now, with temps ranging from 3-17. During the day, when the sun is shining, it is chilly but pleasant, but once the sun is gone, it is really really cold. I am wearing lots of clothes which I luckily sent here by parcel, and so am nice and warm. And at night I sleep well under the blankets and quilt I’ve been given. So no complaints. Certainly not any colder than at home in the winter, and here, so far, there is no rain, although people say it is expected.

My basic schedule these days is to get up later than in the warm weather, for some reason…seems natural to want to sleep longer, like hibernation…I bundle up warm and do my hour of Reiki and then my pranayama and meditation, but have been too cold to even do yoga, which is probably not good, but hopefully will get back to it soon. (ASIDE: It is now the next day, yesterday I got a new heater which I charged to the guest house with their consent, and yesterday evening was very comfortable and this morning, having the heater going, I was easily able to get back to yoga as well).

Following my morning practice, I then have a glass of hot spiced milk with my Chawanprash (winter time rejuvenation tonic), while sitting out in the early morning sun. wonderful. I rest awhile and then prepare lovely cinnamon apple porridge with raisins and almonds for breakfast. Hang around for awhile longer, maybe clean my room or take a hot shower if I haven’t in the evening, and eventually get dressed and go out for my day time walk. Spend a few hours out in the warmest hours, including lunch out each day, internet, visiting friends if I feel like (generally don’t’ lately) and then back to my room. I sit out until the sun goes down, and have a hot drink and sweet before coming in to sit in my room, listen to music, write, maybe dance or read or play games. Then eventually get my supper cooked. The day goes by quickly and pleasantly, there are always people around to talk to if I feel like it – or just enjoy my own solitude. I think there will not be much work this month as there are not many tourists here, although there are always people at the guesthouse.

I have a new neighbor called Pat, an older women, who was to be here only a week, but she went to see Dr. Arora at my suggestion and may be staying to do panchakarma for 3 weeks. (She began today – the day after writing this). So that should be pleasant. She is originally Irish but lives most of her adult life in San Francisco. Seems like a pleasant enough lady who also loves India, and we seem to have easy, if not great in depth conversations when we see each other. She is alone, never married, so we don’t have much in common, but I am not looking for someone to really spend lots of time with, so it is fine.

I am actually feeling very homesick this past week, but think it has to do with the situation and am sure it will pass. The first 3 months of my stay are over and it is hard to believe they went by so quickly. Between panchakarma and working, I haven’t really just relaxed much since getting here. I hope to do that over this coming month of cold weather. Have lots of books lined up, and now with the heater, I am very comfortable both outside during the day and in the room in the evening.

So, if I don’t write too much these days, it is because there is nothing to write. I certainly would never write to everyone each day about my life in Raanana, and so why do it here? If something interesting happens, I will write about it. I am more inclined now to begin to put down “on paper” my insights, dreams and other understandings from the past 3 months and post these on my other blog. Let’s see if I actually get around to doing it.

And that’s about it for now. The song playing on the computer now is: “Sheleg al Iri” – snow on my city – and it fits the feeling of winter weather outdoors, but cozy warm inside.


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