Jan. 6-7, 2009 – Nothing Special But 2 Insights…Tarot Cards and my Eyesight

Jan. 6-7, 2009 – Nothing Special But 2 Insights…Tarot Cards and my Eyesight

Nothing much to write…just a pleasant day, taking it easy, meeting friends, relaxing, enjoying the wonderful weather which continues to be sunny for parts of the day and hazy at other times, but no rain yet. I’m posting some pictures of more views of the Ganga.

Ganga View

Ganga View

I cannot get enough of sitting along the river and enjoying its changing its appearance not just from day to day, but from hour to hour as you can see here. These were taken within 2 hours of each other.


And of course pictures of me in the new outfit I told you about which is so warm and comfortable and just perfect for this weather. Wish I could dress like this at home in the winter!!

My New Winter Outfit

My New Winter Outfit

See the full gallery below for more lovely pictures of Me and the Ganga.

I have some other things to post but need the urge to sit down and write more seriously, and I am feeling very lazy these days, so will just wait with it. Just some new projects that have been sent my way and am enjoying them immensely.

It is difficult being this far away during the current crisis at home, but since there is
nothing I can do to change it, except sending Reiki to individuals as well as the entire situation – something I do each day – I am not letting it interfere with all the wonderful things that I am doing here for myself, and for others.

Jan. 7, 2008

Spent the afternoon with friends here in Rishikesh. The fellow I did my first panchakarma with 2 years ago and his wife. She prepared lunch for us which was delicious and we had a lovely couple of hours together. She will be coming to me in a couple of days for some Reiki, Tarot reading and just talking to see if she can get some idea about where her life is headed. She is at a crossroads right now and is having difficulty making decisions and it is effecting her in many ways.

I left them and was feeling very tired today for some reason. Got a couple of things I needed on the way home and just when I got to the bottom of the long uphill walk to my place, and felt I could not take another step, the nice rickshaw driver who takes me for free sometimes, “by chance” came by and picked me up. We really get whatever it is we need from God…from small things like rickshaw rides when we are too tired to take another step, to all the amazing major things in our lives.


When this nice Irish lady left me a bag with all kinds of stuff in it, one of the things was a beginners book on Tarot reading. I’ve been using Tarot cards for years now, but never the traditional ones used by many people to predict the future etc. But since this book came into my possession, I took it as a definite message to investigate these cards further. Problem was, I needed a deck of cards also and there are many different decks, most of them not comfortable for me to use because of the illustrations. In the beginners book it says to find a deck which you are comfortable using or you will not be able use them to any benefit. So I decided to go down to the bookstore and see what they had. But all the decks were sealed and I could not check the cards myself. Then, in one shop, on the very bottom of a whole wall full of different decks of cards, I noticed a Tarot deck that had been opened. I pulled it out, and as soon as I looked at the cards, I knew they were meant for me! I bought them and have begun working with them very slowly, and will use them for myself for now, but perhaps one day I will begin using these cards as well to do traditional readings for people. Who knows?

I also began trying new ways of using my regular cards, and tried a certain type of reading for a particular issue – the one issue which still remains opened in my life – and to my great satisfaction I received a layout which confirmed the progress and process of this still unsettled issue. It was quite lovely.

Second thing…my eyesight: If you remember, I had experienced an improvement in my long distance eyesight following the panchakarma. I had also begun a home remedy for 3 months to see if I could get further improvement. It seems I have! I always travel with a small book of Psalms with me, but for the last 2 years have been unable to read the print…it was simply too small for me, even after getting a couple of new prescriptions. Well, a few days ago I decided again to try, after the difficulties began in Israel, and to my amazement, the print was perfectly clear! So, I have gone back to saying Psalms each day and it is a wonderful addition to my morning practice and which I had given up over 2 years ago!

Well, tomorrow I will “take the day off”. I am feeling tired for some reason, but I’ve been “out and about” for many days and probably just need a day to rest again. I need that every so often, and will listen to my body and just enjoy a day at home tomorrow.

And that’s about it for now. Hope to get this posted some time during the day tomorrow, but if not, it will be two days from now.


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