January 10, 2009 – Winter Hibernation and Cooking – and – My First Regular Reiki client in India!

January 10, 2009 – Winter Hibernation and Cooking – and – My First Regular Reiki client in India!

Just got my first regular Reiki client here in India! She is a local lady from Rishikesh with personal issues which she hopes will be helped by Tarot reading, regular Reiki treatments, home”work” etc. She may even decide to do a workshop. She will be coming every Tuesday 1t 11. I’m very thrilled with this.

Write about cooking procedure and post pictures… just resting…feeling sluggish…doing things very slowly….winter time really is a time for hibernation and I am following my body’s wisdom. Perhaps that is why people get sick in the winter more often? In the “real” world we have to follow the clock and cannot allow a change in habit as the seasons change. But if change is the norm in nature, why would it not be the norm for human beings as well? We are part of nature. I seem to sleep more, move more slowly, absorb the sun in the morning hours and then only around 12 or so begin to think about going out or “doing” something…But it seems to work well as my evening is longer and more productive…including taking a nice hot shower before going to sleep rather than in the morning when it is much colder.

I’ve ever really described the process of cooking in my “non-kitchen” so will do so very quickly and attach a couple of pictures. Since I have no real kitchen, no work counter, no sink, etc., and I squat on the floor Indian style to actually cook over the balloon of gas and also to wash my dishes in the bucket of water…my cooking of necessity remains very simple. Kitcheri, veg soup, pasta with cheese sauce and porridge…and the occasional egg. And all the preparations for cooking are done outside on the terrace at the little table I sit at to read, work on the computer, eat and chop vegetables etc. It is very pleasant doing this outdoors, sitting down, taking my time, and having everything chopped and measured, including spices. Liquids etc., before going into the room and actually doing the cooking. It is relaxing, peaceful, mindful, and of course I have the beautiful sunsets and sunrises to accompany the preparations. Attached are a couple of photos to give you a slight idea, but without feeling the warmth of the sun, or hearing the music playing in the background, etc., some of the effect is missing.

Veggies Fresh for Chopping

Veggies Fresh for Chopping

Sunset to Chop By

Sunset to Chop By

Veggies for Soup

Veggies for Soup


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