Jan. 16, 2009 – Where Have I Been?

Jan. 16, 2009 – Where Have I Been?

Just a Nice Picture

Just a Nice Picture

I’ve been here all along, but not writing much here. As mentioned in previous posts, my daily life is not all that exciting, and this is the way it should be. Tranquility comes from flowing easily with things as they come along. But there have been a couple of days of intense writing about matters which cropped up about 2 months ago during Panchakarma, but these matters are more relevant to my Mindfulness Journal and have been posted there if you are interested. There are currently 2 new posts there and should be at least one more.

The weather has been exquisite, but a couple of days ago I began feeling extremely lazy, even tired, with no desire to do anything but “hang around”. That’s precisely what I did yesterday, cancelling a day trip to Mussoorie with friends in the process. But when I awoke today I understood the reason for my change in energy levels. The weather has changed. It is windy, chilly and overcast, which means there is no sun to warm me up, and this is the first morning I’ve been forced to eat breakfast indoors! I remember this happening to my father as well. We could predict changes in weather a couple of days in advance just by seeing his energy levels dwindling. But I’m cozy and warm in my room, with my heater, my movies, my own cooking, my music, my computer games etc. I really do need to do some shopping, and also need to get to the dental clinic for a checkup and cleaning, but it will all happen when it must.

That’s it for today I guess.


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