January 17-20, 2009 – Weathering the Weather

January 17-20, 2009 – Weathering the Weather

Me on the Ganga

Me on the Ganga

Haven’t written in quite some time aside from the 4 posts on my Mindfulness Journal (link on the sidebar), as nothing of real interest has happened. There were several days of cold, cloudy wintry weather, which had me using my heater more than I had up until now, but my room was always comfortable to be in. Spent some of the time with einat and her parents who came to visit her for 5 days. But mostly was lazy. I was feeling weakish for a few days, like I do when my blood pressure is very low, or perhaps just the change in weather effected me. Don’t know and don’t really care…just allowed myself to relax and “be” with it.

Then 3 days ago, while sitting out on the terrace, all of a sudden a quiet rain began to fall. But before I realized it was raining, as it was so soft, I noticed the smell of rain. The smell of the first rain after months of dry weather…the smell of everything being washed clean of dust. A lovely smell, which always gives me a good feeling. So I just sat watching, listening to, and smelling the rain..appreciated it with all my senses. And then a funny thing happened. I heard lots of noise on tin overhang just below my room and thought at first it was monkeys, but turns out it was pigeons. They had come to take advantage of the sudden shower, to “take a shower”!. I’ve tried photographing them but it was difficult…but there were numerous antics going on in a clear effort to clean themselves with the rain water. They lifted their wings high in the air

pigeon antics

pigeon antics

to get the water onto the inside feathers, much as we lift our arms above our heads to wash our armpit. And they even laid down on their sides to make this easier to do.
more antics

more antics

See the full gallery below for more pigeon antics….

They did this for a full 20 minutes and at the end fluffed out all their feathers until they appeared to be twice the size and all fluffy…like a blow dryer might do for us! It was quite a show.

And then yesterday I took a short trip with Einat and her parents up to a rafting camp upstream. Lovely few hours but then I ate lunch at the camp. The food was very spicey and I am paying for it today with my stomach protesting the affront to its sensitivities in an exceedingly clear manner!!


see the full gallery below

see the full gallery below

Hopefully all will pass by tomorrow…but it has left me weak today.

But it didn’t really matter. I still managed to get into the market to pick up some workbooks I had printed for all the new Reiki courses I will have once the tourists come back. And when I got home, it was so hot, you’d think it was summer. It had to be well over 26 degrees..maybe more…I don’t know, but I was so hot in my winter suit I peeled it off as soon as I got home, put on summer clothers, and psnet the whole afternoon outside on the terrace reading and enjoying the glorious weather.

Finally had some clear chicken noodle soup as I was really hungry, and all seems well with my stomach as well. Now just weakish feeling but that will pass as well.

It is now 5 PM, after a short nap, and still pleasantly warm outside, like a cool summer evening. Wonder how long it will stay this warm?

And that’s about it for the past week or so. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go out walking again, and hope this time to check out a new forest path someone told me about, but didn’t have the energy to do today.



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