Jan. 24-26, 2009 – Winter’s End

Jan. 24, 2009 – Winter’s End

Jan. 25 – Despite what is written in the rest of this post, it is now the next day, and the end of winter here is like the end of winter anywhere else. Like blustery March in some places…because last night there was no wind at all, which means the fog and clouds were not cleared, and so today is overcast and chilly. But whenever the sun peeps athrough for a minute or two, it is lovely again. But not really cold…still wearing light clothing, although today long sleeves. Just a drastic change fro

Back to Jan. 24
Well, I cannot really say there truly was a winter here as I was lead to believe there would be. This has been the best winter of my life, weather and comfort – wise. I grew up in the terrible winters of New York City, and have spent the last 35 winters in Israel, and suffered terribly every winter there…particularly indoors where the houses are built to keep OUT the heat and generally don’t have any sort of real heating system. (although newer homes are being built differently). I always had to put on my warm clothes when I came INSIDE, and getting through the cold, dreary, rainy winter months was always very difficult for me.

This year, although there were a few cold days here, and even a couple of days with rain, but only for an hour or so, I have generally been waiting for “real” winter to come along, and it pretty much hasn’t. The local people say that the last few winters have been milder and shorter than usual, as weather patterns have changed here just as they have all over the world, but still say that this is usually the end of winter anyway. There may still be a few more chillier and even rainy days in the beginning of February, but pretty much this is it.

The temperature has gone overnight from highs of 16-19 to new highs of 26-28! This is of course only for a few hours in the afternoon, but the rest of the day is lovely as well, There is a very strong wind until about 11 in the morning, but after that, it is just beautiful. It is now after 9 in the evening and it is still possible to sit outdoors without being all bundled up. I haven’t needed my heater in 4-5 days at all, no longer need my extra blanket or my layers of clothing, and today actually wore my summer clothes with just a light shirt underneath…and for about 3 hours in the afternoon was too warm. I keep my windows open again to let the warm air in and

and even now I am sitting, after a shower, with wet hair, not only not needing a heater, but not even wearing a shawl etc as I was just a few days ago!

So, just like many people in the States fly south for the winter, and people in Israel try to get to eilat when they can to warm up during those few cold months, I’ve found the perfect solution for the rest of my winters, God willing. I will come home to Israel just as spring is setting in so will enjoy that lovely season at home as well, and then just have to concern myself with making it through the summer months before coming back here again in October.

A great blessing to be sure!

Tourists are also slowly finding their way back here, and I’ve begun some work again as well, which is always nice. Working, meeting friends, walking around, sitting by the Ganga, doing my new evening meditation on the roof watching the mountain and heaven become one, cooking, listening to music, reading, writing, …things couldn’t be more perfect.

Just a quick note: I met a lovely lady from San Francisco, born in Ireland, and we spent a lovely 3 weeks together enjoying each other’s company every few days…and she is my inspiration for the next ten years of my life…as she is 71!! And is just as active and full of energy as I am today. And a lot braver than me as she does much traveling in India. We had a lovely time together and I look forward to seeing her again next year when she also plans to come back to Rishikesh, as she has also fallen in love with the place. SHE says she has a good ten years more for this type of life, which means I have 20 more good years!!!

Jan. 26 – This morning dawned sunny and summery again, after a strong wind during the night to clear the skies again. And today I made it up for a wonderful walk up through the village and continuing up into the forest…more on that in another post with pictures

And that’s it for today



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