Jan. 26, 2009- Through the Village and Up the Mountain

Jan. 26, 2009- Through the Village and Up the Mountain

Green Fields

Green Fields

Another beautiful day dawned today, and after taking a leisurely morning of Reiki, pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga, prayer, psalms, hot spiced milk, shower, porridge and just enjoying the caressing warmth of the sun, I got dressed and went out for a walk I should have done long ago. I’ve been wanting to get up beyond the village to the quiet of the mountain for a long time, but either I was too busy, or too lazy. Too bad, as the day was beautiful but was actually a little too hot already for this type of walking…mostly in the sun, but pulling me forward, so that I stayed out too long for comfort and yet wanted to continue walking upwards much longer. I finally had to force myself to turn around and come back. Really too bad I didn’t do this over the past month when the weather was still chilly. I will do it again, but either start out early in the morning, or wait until after 3 in the afternoon next time.

JUST TO SET THE MOOD: Turn up your speakers and listen to this very short video…The sounds of the water followed me for the whole 2 hours I was walking up and down.


Forest rising on both sides of me with the babbling brook and occasional small rapids right next to the path I was walking on. (Sorry…was unable to upload this video…will try again tomorrow) But do check out the gallery of pictures below. Remember, you just click on a picture you want to see in full size.

Now that you’ve got the sounds and feeling of the forest…add the lovely smells of trees, clean air, occasional cooking, cows, donkeys (these are pleasant smells when they are outdoors in open spaces where they belong), picture the myriads of amazingly colored butterflies, the lovely people walking past and always saying “hello” or “Namaste”,

some even stopping to talk for awhile, picture the distant mountains and the blue sky overhead…see the amazing tree growing around a boulder which got in its way, imagine the beautiful new homes already built, the new ones going up, the fodder hanging from trees to protect it from animals, the flowing green terraced fields, the small family temple nestled at the far end of the fields under a huge spreading tree, the women still carrying loads on their heads and yet stopping to chat with friends,


and you will have some small idea of the blessing of the walk I took today.

Temple in Green Field

Temple in Green Field

Some of the new homes are truly lovely,

Really Nice New House

Really Nice New House

and yet you will still find in the yard, cows, stockpiles of wood the women have chopped and carried down from the forest for cooking and heating, dung cakes drying near the wall of the house, and yet outside will be parked a brand new car and a satellite dish on the roof. These are all part of the contrasts so prevalent in India, and making each simple walk a full adventurous experience.

I was really sad when I finally found myself out of the village and back on the main road. There were many side paths still left to explore, and if the weather allows, I will do it this trip, and if not, I have something to look forward when I come back next year.

Check out the gallery of pictures which don’t do justice to the real impact of the surroundings, but will give you some idea of how blessed I am to be here.

I treated myself to a really delicious but truly “bad for me” lunch of grilled tomato cheese toast and a huge portion of chips! That was around 3 this afternoon and it is now almost 9 at night and except for a masala chai, have not eaten anything else…all in all a wonderful day, again!


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