Jan. 28-30 – Happy Birthday to Me!! And What a Birthday Day It Was

January 30, 2009

Jan. 28-30 – Happy Birthday to Me!! And What a Birthday Day It Was

Jan. 28 – Been working for the past 3 days…two more days to go including workshop…but the more I work, the more energized and invigorated I feel. I love the healing work, the tarot readings, the teaching. And the reactions of the people who come to me is very gratifying. Another great blessing…to be able to work in your purpose, to serve other people, to earn your living at it, and to enjoy every minute of it.

The weather is still beautiful…very changeable but always pleasant. No longer need the heater at all…room is nice and warm…put away all my layers…can sit out until later in the evening and can be out early in the morning again.

Tomorrow is my birthday…already received one present from Dr. Arora and tomorrow my friend einat is coming to take me out to dinner and will either give me a reiki treatment tomorrow, or in a couple of days when we both have more time. And I am giving myself a present of a massage with Bablu, the massage therapist I met when I was here in Feb-March just down the road who gives really good Kerala style ayurveda massages. Will go down on Sunday probably.

That’s about all…life is just beautiful…nothing much to add.

Jan. 30 – Well, I will write in a minute about yesterday, my actual birthday. I began a Reiki workshop yesterday for 3 lovely girls from Norway…another teaching first for me, and also different and exciting. They are studying to be clinical psychologists and the difference in cultural attitudes, as well as their skeptical outlook on energies in general, have made for a fascinating workshop, and some deep changes already for all three of them. Wonderfully gratifying and I am thankful that I am given the privilege to work with such a wide range of people, and learn from them as well.

And now, my Birthday Day!

Well, as I mentioned above, it began the evening before and didn’t end until this morning, the day after. First thing in the morning, I received a Happy Birthday rendition from Einat over the phone. Then, I got myself ready for my workshop and before it began , a text message from one of my daughters. Then closed my phone and spent several lovely hours with the girls. As soon as I turned my phone on, my Mother called to say happy birthday. I then went down to the internet to print out certificates, and was blessed with many e-greetings from other friends and relatives. And of course all the guys at the internet wished me a Happy birthday. And then another daughter called to lovingly sing in both Hebrew and English to me a birthday greeting… Did a Reiki treatment for the owner of the next guesthouse who dropped an iron (an old very heavy one) on her foot and broke her big toe three days ago and I’ve been reikiing her since. Got back to my room and was greeted with einat and Hari bringing me a lovely flower and small cake with candle and singing to me. Ah, forgot…of course the girls at the workshop knew it was my birthday as I mentioned it was a very auspicious day to begin a workshop, so my neighbor overheard and also blessed me on my special day.
After the cake and candle, einat and I went out for dinner, and she had arranged a full 4 hours with me before a rickshaw came to pick up her and take her home, so we had time for her to give me a full reiki treatment and then eat the lovely birthday cake as well. It had been a lovely but intense day and I was happy to be alone finally, listen to some music, relax, prepare for the next day’s workshop and take a hot shower and go to sleep. No way.

There was a knock on my door just 5 minutes after Einat left, and it was a German guy from the next guesthouse who I have had several lovely conversations with. Couldn’t understand why he had come so late in the evening, as we were not “friends”, just casual acquaintances with lots in common to discuss regarding our personal journeys and growth processes.

Turns out he had been ill for several days, something which never happens to him, and the bottom line is, I spent about 1 ½ hours just talking, listening, responding etc. He was able to release with tears, talk and laughter all that had been disturbing his balance for the past 10 days or so and I was again privileged to have been of service to someone. While we were talking, maybe 5 minutes after he arrived, there was another knock on the door, and I was again treated to cake and candle and a vase full of beautiful flowers from the guys downstairs.

By the time this fellow left, feeling vitalized, energized and on the way back to personal balance, leaving with a big hug and birthday wishes, it was after 10 at night…I was energized and soooooooooo happy, just got into bed and fell pleasantly asleep.

It was a beautiful day, with intense emotions and the knowledge that there are many people here who wish me well and sincerely blessed me with a happy birth day and a wonderful year to come. It was all very touching and I woke up today with true joy and gratitude in my heart.

And then to my great surprise, einat, who does not live near me, was back early this morning. She also ran into some difficulty (she lost her cellphone) and was quite upset, but this situation was easily dissipated, we had a nice talk this morning and now I am finally after a shower, dressing, eating and meditation before my workshop. And now, sitting at the internet sending this off, I find lots more birthday greetings have come through. How lovely to be loved and remembered, even from afar.!

The workshop today begins later than usual…not until 12 as one of the girls had a powerful reaction to her attunement yesterday and needs a little more time to relax…so I will go send this off at the internet.

I have people interested in further workshops, and it seems like I am working a full time job lately. I enjoy it, but have decided to “take off” over the weekend and get back to workshops on Monday.

And that’s it so far…


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