Jan. 30- Feb. 3, 2009 – Tail Spin to Recovery and Eye Floaters

Jan. 30- Feb. 3, 2009 – Tail Spin to Recovery and Eye Floaters

The day following my lovely birthday dawned beautiful as usual, and I was greeted with even more birthday greetings by e-mail. I had another busy day finishing up the Reiki workshop and continuing with a treatment in the evening, but went to sleep still feeling the wonderful high one gets from receiving the blessings of love from so many people.
I woke the next day having made the decision to have a complete rest for at least the next few days. Took the morning slowly and then drifted down to the internet after a lovely brunch of shakshuka in my favorite on-the-ganga restaurant. There waiting for me was yet another e-mail, from my dearest and oldest friend, truly like my sister, and I just figured it was another birthday greeting. This is my friend who’s son was killed 5 years ago and has been making the effort to put her life back together since then. Well, it was not a birthday greeting. She had written to tell me that her husband had committed suicide! Well, I won’t go into any further details as it is too private, but you can imagine the tail spin that put me in.

She of course told me that I really should be there with her, and experiencing her pain from so far away was excruciating for me. However, I know that in 2 months when I get back, everyone else will have already gone back to their own lives, she will be truly alone, and I will then be there for her.

I knew I had to bring my self up sharply from this tail spin if I was to keep myself from crashing, and I did this using the combined magical powers of Nature (staring at the mountain), and of music (Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor played repeatedly full volume using earphones). I did this for about 20 minutes and I was touched
to the depth of my pain which could then be released in flowing tears and sobs. I then went down to sit at the Ganga to recharge myself with its powerful positive energies of peace and tranquility, followed by Reiki…the effects were wonderful and by the following morning I was OK. I was able to speak to my friend on the phone as well as write her a long e-mail and get my own balance back. The next couple of days are kind of a haze of resting, contemplating and sending lots of Reiki to my friend as well as asking for any message which may help her through this period, even though I cannot be there myself.

Well, this morning, I was told to pick a Tarot card for her, and was “rewarded” with the most beautiful message possible for her, which I will translate and forward to her today.

In addition to this, a couple of days ago I was given the gift of a floater in my right eye! I sat down to read after coming back from the Ganga, and a stubborn bug kept moving into my line of vision, as if attached to a hair that was stuck in my glasses or something. Only after not being able to “catch” it did I realize it was something that I had vaguely recalled my Mother complaining about years ago…floaters in her eyes.

I went down to the internet and checked it out, and although it said it COULD be a retinal tear which could lead to loss of vision within 2-3 days, it probably was nothing and I would just learn to live with it.

I immediately wrote to my brother who is an optometrist and then continued with my life which has been mostly resting the last few days…not even having the energy to properly cook for myself.

Well, this morning, I checked my e-mail and my brother wrote back telling me to treat this as an urgent situation and get an ophthalmologist to check my eyes immediately! So, went to Dr. Arora, explained the situation and his reply was that if it indeed was not a retinal tear (which it probably wasn’t) , he could get rid of the floater for me. But first I was to go see the ophthalmologist he recommended, and called ahead for me. I went into town, saw the doctor, 2 doctors actually checked me, and declared it nothing more than a floater…also giving me an eye exam for good measure. Came back to Dr. Arora after quickly letting my brother know it was OK, and will begin a treatment with medicated ghee for 3 days on my eyes. Will let you all know if this gets rid of the floater, something which is considered untreatable by Western medicine.

So, it’s been an exciting few days to say the least. Almost forgot…through all this I have been treating my neighbor , the owner of the next guesthouse, who dropped an iron on her foot and broke her big toe. So each day I go down and do Reiki for her and have a lovely conversation about life in India and the way she is raising her children in particular. Interesting to hear that she explains the importance of recycling to them as well as not letting them throw trash on the ground, out the bus window etc., despite the fact that ALL of their friends laugh at them. They in turn explain to their friends why it is not good to throw trash. Slowly slowly…that’s the only way things change.

I also met a lovely Indian man a few days ago, born in Rishikesh, who explained the true tragedy of “progress” in India and its effect on the rural poor, as well as the obscene amount of riches available to 2% of the population…for example: the apartments recently built in Rishikesh whose owners never live in them, they are just a status symbol, and sold for (2 bedroom flat) 1.5 million dollars!! Just as expensive as Mumbai he says. And only getting worse, which means local people can no longer buy land and build a small house even in the village here. Many “outsiders” are coming in from Delhi, Jaipur etc. and opening businesses and building homes at the expense of the locals. In addition, the government is building a dam not far from here, one of the largest in the world, and they paid off thousands and thousands of village family to use their land. These people were given enormous sums of money, but had no idea how to handle it or invest it. So within 5 years, these farmers and their families, mostly illiterate, will have spent all the money on cars, computers, cellphones, cameras etc., and when it is all gone, will be even worse off than before as they have no land, no job opportunities and their children remain uneducated. This is happening all over India and instead of poverty slowly being eradicated, 10’s of thousands of new families are added to the growing number of poor in the cities.

Well, this has not been the loveliest of posts, but it reflects the last few days of my life. Luckily, I am back in balance, and have even understood for myself, that these last 8 weeks must be devoted entirely to me, before my return to home, and all that entails. I will be doing my best to “vacation”, work as little as possible and still feel good about it, and even allow myself to eat out more often and not worry so much about doing my own cooking. After all, at home, I don’t have the luxury of not cooking. Who can afford to eat out every day in Israel? This will of course contribute to my ever growing “mature” figure, which is most appreciated in India, and looks wonderful in Indian clothes, but I am not sure how happy I will be with it when I get home and try to get back into my “other” clothes.

And that’s it for today.



7 Responses to Jan. 30- Feb. 3, 2009 – Tail Spin to Recovery and Eye Floaters

  1. John says:

    So…did the treatment for the floater work? I had post vitreous detachment last year that left a large “Weiss ring” floater – I was able to get laser treatment that removed 90% of it, but I still see small ones on both eyes (especially on bright days.) Would be very interested to hear how the medicated ghee worked our for you.



  2. Jane says:

    Hi John
    It seems the treatment helped in some way as the floater appears to be much smaller…but it is still there. Since I am back in India each year to do my panchakarma (will be back in a month from now), I will probably do more of the medicated ghee treatments during my month of panchakarma. For now I am not bothered any longer by the floater as I no longer notice it, and have to make a definite effort to “find” it in my field of vision these days.
    Hope this answers your question.

  3. H R Singh says:

    Dear Jane,

    Can you provide me contact nos & address of clinic in Rishikesh where this treatment (medicated ghee treatment) is being given.

    I have been suffering from eye floaters for the last 20 years.


    H R Singh

    • Jane says:

      This was my first experience with floaters and I found that after only a couple of treatments, all that I had time for at the time, the floater seemed to diminish in size, although I have no actual way of checking that. I certainly feel much less annoyed by the floater than before the treatments. Do you live in India? If so, it certainly would be worth contacting Dr. Arora and giving it a try.
      Here are the contact details for Dr. Arora in Tapovan, Rishikesh.
      Phone: 09412052598
      e-mail: aroraayurveda@rediffmail.com

      Please tell him Jane (from israel) sent you and give him very warm regards.

      Best of luck to you

  4. vivek says:

    dear jane,
    Just wanted to enquire howz ur eyefloater problem shaping up after the treatment, is it cured completely or you have just lean to live with it as advised by the doctors…i am suffering with hundreds of floaters and would like to hear ur exp regarding the treatment u had.

    warm regards


  5. Jane says:

    well, its’ been some time….at the time, I believe the size of the floaters decreased, but they never completely went away. I have learned to live with them…but since then, and it is a few years, there have been no new ones. Hope this helps in some way

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