Feb. 5, 2009 – End of Eye Story , the Blessings of Routine and Subtle Changes in the Weather

February 6, 2009

Feb. 5, 2009 – End of Eye Story , the Blessings of Routine and Subtle Changes in the Weather

Just a quick note about the weather. There has been a very subtle shift but definitely a precursor of Spring and very soon hot weather. It is still cold in the mornings and I need warm clothes, but the warmth of the afternoon is still with me now and it is already 6 in the evening. I am in light clothing, door and window open, and quite comfortable, even though the sun has gone down quite some time ago. It would, until yesterday, get very cold once the sun went down, but now it is quite pleasant. This is the first definite sign that warmer weather is coming for sure, and I’m not real excited about it. Wish it would stay like this at least for another month, but I know there are only perhaps 2 weeks left of this pleasant weather so conducive to walking. (It’s now the next day and I am out for the first time since end of October in short sleeves, and feeling nice and warm….since I know the weather will be getting hotter each day now, I will try and get my “going home” shopping done over the next few days before it gets so hot that walking around will no longer be pleasant).

I wrote in my last post a little about my developing floaters in my eye, and my visit to the ophthalmologist here who assured me that all was OK a couple of days ago. I also continued to do hours of Reiki each day on my eye. But over the last couple of days my eye really started bothering me with a feeling I couldn’t describe but it was a kind of pain but not really. And it was difficult to even keep my eye open during the day. I went and did the first Basti (the ayurveda treatment which is supposed to strengthen the eye and possibly get rid of the floaters as well. The treatment itself was easy. Warm medicated ghee was put into my eye and kept in place like a puddle by a “house” built around my eye with the famous “play dough” made from lentil flour. Afterwards the doc told me to rest with my eyes closed for 2-3 hours for best results. Well, I was barely able to get home. I had the feeling you do after going to an eye doctor who puts drops in your eyes to check them better and then afterwards everything is so bright that it is painful to keep your eyes open. It took almost 5 hours until I felt relief from the sensation, and although I am supposed to do another one tomorrow, I am not sure I will.

Anyway, my eye seemed to be getting worse for the past couple of days and even wrote to my brother again (the optometrist) but haven’t heard from him yet. I decided to go back to the doctor to make sure there really was no retinal tear. So this morning, with a friend in tow to keep me company (I was really nervous… all kinds of “what ifs” kept popping up and I kept pushing them away believing in my daily statement of “Just for today I will not worry”, but this was a difficult test of not worrying. I took lots of Rescue (which thankfully my daughter shlomit sent me a refill by mail) during the night and this morning. We got to the doctor, who was again, very nice. He checked, and checked and rechecked, but could find nothing to indicate a retinal tear. But I insisted my eye did not feel “right”, and he checked further and finally said the only thing he can see is some “congestion”, which is EXACTLY the feeling I was having but could not describe. He said it is from the change in weather, allergy may to pollen, whatever, but nothing serious. It is just by chance that it appeared a few days after the floaters. There is no connection between them. He gave me some eye drops, and after only one application, I already felt relief. Like if your nose is stuffed and you use nose drops (which I never do…I hate them!!). I will have a thorough eye exam when I get home as well, but for now am at peace.

So, all’s well that ends well. Treated myself to a birthday massage today, and I had forgotten just how good this guy Bablu is. I met him last year and have sent numerous people to him, but haven’t gone yet as I had so many massages during Panchakarma. Well, he was so pleased to see me, he gave me a free steam bath to thank me for sending so many people to him, which was really nice of him. And he REALLY is good. I feel so relaxed and happy now as I sit here writing this mail.

Missing this serenity every now and then is really good. Helps keep things in perspective and to appreciate even more the blessings of good health, quiet days and routine.

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