Feb. 6, 2009 – End of the Winter Doldrums

Feb. 6, 2009 – End of the Winter Doldrums

Well, today winter is over! On a personal level as well as in Nature. Since yesterday I’ve gone from at least one warm layer under my light long sleeve clothing, to no layers and short sleeve summer suits. And almost overnight from 3 layers of sox including one pair of woolen “booties” inside my sandals, to barefoot sandals. I can also today, for the first time, walk barefoot in my room and outside on the terrace. I have what can only be described as “spring fever”…I am once again energized, don’t feel like doing nothing all day, feel like dancing, feel alive and ready to go. And the changes are obvious in Nature as well. First of all, aside from the chill in the morning, it is now warm all day and even hot in the noon hours, and warm well into the evening, and light until almost 7 meaning I can once again sit out on the rooftop in my light summer clothes with just a light shawl and read, listen to music, chat with people etc., and not have to be indoors by 5 or so. And the best and surprising change:

THE MOUNTAINS ARE BACK! For the last 2 ½ months the mountains have been a pale greenish-grey illusion behind a permanent layer of haze. Today for the first time the haze has completely lifted revealing once again the lush shades of green and the forested slopes in various hues of green…from the closest to the furthest 4th range over. It was quite a pleasant surprise when I arrived home at 4 after being out for several hours and sat down on my terrace. I looked over to themountain as I usually do, and was greeted with the clear details once again. The sun is so warm that I am sitting in the shade in my summer clothes and eating a lovely fruit salad which I haven’t felt like eating for over 2 months!!

This beautiful period will last about a month, maybe less, and then it will begin to get really warm for the last couple of weeks I am here. So I’ve decided to do all my shopping and errands now before it gets too hot. Then, if I still have pleasant weather, will devote the rest of the time to just enjoying. I’ve given myself a 10 vacation and although I’ve been approached to do workshops, I haven’t scheduled another one for 10 days. I will do my best not to work until next Sunday.

The restaurant manager’s wife gave birth by caesarean about exactly on my birthday and came home today. I asked if it was acceptable to visit so soon and everyone told me yes…that is the custom here. So decided to pay a very short visit and bring a gift. She speaks no English but no words are really needed to say congratulations to a new Mom, to sympathize with the pains of her surgery, to exclaim over how adorable her little baby boy is, to ask if she has lots of milk, and if he is breastfeeding OK. The smiles on the faces of the happy parents (they are older, well into their 30’s and this is their first child) says everything. It was a lovely visit, with lots of hand language, smiles etc., and I was very happy I went.

So it was a lovely day, well spent, meeting a few friends who I haven’t seen during my hibernation period, and now I will get back to doing the things I need to and enjoying this new lovely season.


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