Feb. 10-11, 2009 – Once Again…Weathering the Weather – or: Winter Has Returned!!!

Feb. 10-11, 2009 – Once Again…Weathering the Weather – or: Winter Has Returned!!!

After the Storm

After the Storm

There are some nice pictures later on showing how clear and clean everything is after the storm!

The weather, and not just in India, truly does get stranger and weirder each year. It is truly frightening what we have done our Home.

The last two years I was here, I arrived in February, and although mostly the weather was good, there were a couple of weeks of cold weather, necessitating a heater in the room, layers of clothing and rain gear. And everyone here kept telling me that this was very strange as it should have been like this the end of December and during the month of January, but winter came very late. Well, now, I am the one telling newcomers the same thing. You all know that spring/summer had already arrived here from my previous posts, and here I am, sitting in my room, no electricity (so of course no heater when it is most needed) and dreary and dark although it is 10 in the morning. I am wearing double layer of pants, 3 pair of sox including woolen ones, three shirts, a sweatshirt and my winter jacket, with a huge blanket shawl on top of it all. I am comfortable! Outside, it is raining, as it has been straight since yesterday when it all began at 4 PM. Back to that in a minute.

Luckily, I “by chance” decided to buy some yeast cake to take to my room yesterday. I NEVER do that. And still had some milk left this morning…so I have had a cup of spiced hot milk with my chocolate yeast cake and later on, without having to go out at all, I will still be able to have my porridge. I am listening to music using my IPOD which I “by chance” has an almost full battery, and although the computer will shortly be a problem, I hope to at least be able to do my writing before the battery runs out…or perhaps by then the electricity will return. (Turns out that only my room had no electricity. I realized that when I went outside and

saw the next room had lights! So I called the manager using my cellphone so as not to go down in the rain, and in five minutes it was fixed…and now I have water as well, and my heater is on for awhile, and I am snug as a bug in a rug!! Shortly after it was off, again …it seems something is shorting out my room…I thought it might be the heater but I was not using it the second time. So an electrician will come this evening to check it. In the meantime, it is now 5 in the afternoon and the whole place is without electricity!)


Note the Ganga

Note the Ganga

So, yesterday was a lovely day, but a little chilly and cloudy…I went out with a warm shawl with me for the first time in about 2 weeks. And I needed it. I had a lovely day by the Ganga, just relaxing and strolling around, and then met my friend who is leaving for Varanassi today, and we sat and chatted for awhile. And then all of a sudden it began getting dark, really dark, and I realized it was going to rain. I took my leave quite suddenly as we were supposed to spend another hour together, took and “expensive” rickshaw all the way home and got to my room just as the first drops began to fall.

While sitting outside and watching, I wrote the following:

The relative quiet of the rain is complimented by the fierce display of thunder and lighting directly above us. The lighting is so close by that the thunder is almost instantaneous. It is really frightening but also amazing to SEE the lightning above every couple of minutes. The full power of Nature is felt in all its glory. It is a show which is a must to watch! The sounds drown out the music I am playing in my room completely. The rain is getting stronger, but still no wind, so it is gentle, and one part of the sky is now completely bright. Someplace the sun is out! I knew there would be a rainbow, and kept vigil, and was finally rewarded with a fabulous rainbow spanning across the sky over to the mountains. But impossible to photograph. Believe me…it is an amazing finale to the show.
Well, it didn’t stop as expected, and soon the winds came up, it got colder, and it has now been pouring all night. Not only that, at some point during the night I was awakened by banging. I woke up and realized there was a hailstorm going on, and that is when the electricity went off as well. Impossible to tell how long this will last. I have some business in town, but it will obviously be put off until better weather returns. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be nice, as I am invited to a wedding, and although I’d be just as happy to have a reason to not go out at night, it would be terrible for the young couple if it is raining. The wedding is outdoors, as most are in India!

I am still on vacation, although I had a client last night, but at least I don’t have to worry about having a workshops without the benefit of the rooftop outdoors or people not being able to come in the rain, no lights etc. I will just enjoy the day as best I can and take advantage of the quiet. I’ve plenty of blankets…although I am at the end of my book. I’m sure I’ll find something to do.

Will write more as the day progresses if something interesting happens.

Just 24 hours after it began, the storm ended, the sun came out and although the temp is still low and there is a wind, it is beautiful outside. As you can see from the pictures, the visibility is better than it has been since I arrived. Everything is SO clean and lovely. I can see the individual trees across on the mountain, and even the cars driving on the road over there. And the Ganga , the small piece I can see through the buildings, is clear and brilliantly turquoise.

It’s been interesting, and also comfy…I watched Driving Miss Daisy, not for the first time, and loved it, and of course cried, just as much as the first time. It is a beautiful portrayal of relationships and how they grow and change over time. And so well acted. It was my first rainy day movie and just the perfect thing. Following the movie, I did a Reiki treatment, and will soon order dinner…being very lazy and enjoying it immensely.

Well, to end the day, I watched another movie!! Planes Trains and Automobiles, which I first saw with Abdellah many years ago on a freezing cold night in his room in McLeod…so the atmosphere was just right…I remember thinking it was a wonderful film, and laughing, and crying…it was not the same today. Without Abdellah, it was like eating a meal cooked without seasoning or salt. Just bland, palatable, possible to eat, but nothing more exciting. I miss him!

I’ll end this for today…


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