Feb. 28 – March 2, 2009 – Taking Care of ME!

March 3, 2009

Feb. 28 – March 2, 2009 – Taking Care of ME!

Today..;.massage in the morning for my hip, and then back to relax. Made lunch and then went to meet Einat for facial..pedicure…dinner…and now back and relaxing before going to sleep…9 in the evening…two very long days for me…butlovely

Well, the last few days are not very interesting for you, my readers, but they were wonderful for me.

First of all, I went out and had a lovely day on Saturday just walking around, exchanging books, relaxing and eating along the Ganga, and then I finally came up late afternoon to my place, and to my great surprise, found the friend I “lost” in Delhi 2 years ago! A very nice lady, my age, originally from Denmark but living most of her life in Brighton, UK, we spent some lovely weeks together two years ago here, and we went back to Delhi together at the end of our trip. We took a train that arrived at 11 at night and each went to our separate hotels, planning to meet up the next morning at MY hotel for breakfast. I waited and waited but she never turned up so went to look for her but never found HER hotel, and she has no e-mail. I eventually tried calling her at home about a month later but the number wasn’t working. Spoke to another mutual friend, but she had also not heard from her, and for a while I worried but eventually just figured everything was well and she made it home fine, just as I did.

So when I found her at the reception desk a couple of days ago, I was so pleasantly surprised. She turned around, and then both of us said, at the same time “Where did you disappear to in Delhi!?!?!?” It was quite funny. We laughed, spent the rest of the evening up on my terrace catching up, and agreed to meet up the next day. I was really pleased to see her as she is very much like me. Likes to be alone, but also prefers doing certain things with someone else and we always got along very well and accompanied each other several times two years ago…and I was looking forward to having her around for the next few weeks while I’m officially “on vacation”. Once again, I am always being taken care of in ways I could never imagine.

Just as the two of us came up to my terrace, I had another surprise. My young friend from Delhi (where I stayed my first week in India this trip) turned up here and even reserved the room right next to mine. She is here with her boyfriend and a couple of other friends for a few days rest and relaxation. A really nice surprise seeing her.

That evening was the farewell dinner for the guy who left for the mountains, and I met a few really nice people I’d never seen before, but are also here for a long time. It was a very interesting evening, and the day was so long and pleasant that, for the very first time since I’ve been here, I didn’t open the computer at all!.

Yesterday I went down for another in the series of massages for my hip and came back to my room to rest. I got a call from my friend einat and we decided to go to the GOOD place for facials, even it was a hassle and a long wait. In the end the Danish lady also came with us. We got there at 3:30 and didn’t leave until 7!!! But it is always worth it. I tried two other places if you remember, but there is not way to compare. Like saying a Volkswagen is the same as a BMW! They are both cars, but that’s where the comparison ends. I even did a pedicure (which includes a full leg massage), and of course the facial includes a full back massage, and this time I even did a tightening mask which in the end comes off your face like a mask all in one piece. A new experience for me, but my face really looks and feels great, and my feet are soooooooooo smooth. Too bad they won’t stay like that until I get home. I will do another facial hopefully before I come home I think.

And then we had dinner out, again, and came home tired but happy and ANOTHER day went by without opening the computer!! This is really worrisome….

Woke up this morning after Ilsa (the Danish lady) and I had decided to go today to the dentist for a cleaning before we went to sleep last night.

I spent a full 4 hours on Reiki, yoga, meditation and pranayama, and felt absolutely by the time 10:30 came around. Ordered a light breakfast, sunned my legs again, read, and waited for 12 PM to head off for the dentist. We arrived easily by rickshaw to a new clinic which just opened…really new, with a dentist who trained in America apparently. Young India, very kind and gentle…really doesn’t look or sound like a dentist (he wore a baseball cap and wore it through the whole treatment). He spoke gently, worried we weren’t in pain during the cleaning etc. Well, I’ve had many cleanings in my life. The one I had 2 years ago here in Rishikesh was up until today, the best I’ve ever had, but this one is perfect. There is not one single stain left on any of my teeth…something which has NEVER happened before at home, or here and there was pretty much no pain, and no bleeding whatsoever. I my teeth were really stained this time from all the chai I’ve been drinking. I tried taking a picture but couldn’t because of the flash. I will do my best to keep them this white and clean until I get home. He told me to brush immediately after drinking chai especially as it stains immediately, but I think this will be a good opportunity to wean myself from chai altogether.

Ilsa and I went for lunch, and chatted for quite some time. We really enjoy each other’s company very comfortably, as if we’ve been friends for years. We have so much in common regarding the way we think, and act and the things we enjoy and the things which annoy us etc.

From there I decided to do a quick internet check and go home to rest, but at the internet, I met my other friend einat who is leaving in a few days, and so we also sat a talked for awhile, and in the end I got home at 6 PM. Came up to watch the mountain for awhile and read, and then got hungry. Went down to order a light dinner (too lazy to cook), and to my great surprise, found out that Hari, the waiter who was waiting for a visa to Sweden and thought it wouldn’t be before april or May, got a call from the embassy today telling him it was approved! So lots of hugs and kisses all around…everyone is really thrilled and excited for him (he is from Nepal) and his Swedish girlfriend. By the time I got up and had my dinner, it was after 8…just writing this up now, and then into bed to read and relax after another absolutely, couldn’t have asked for anything better, day.


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